Christians: The Latest Obama Target

A few weeks ago I posted a piece, Equal Opportunity For Dummies, Courtesy of the US Army.   Now,  just in time comes a lot of reports that the Obama administration has the  Pentagon meeting  with a rabidly anti-Christian kook, Mikey Weinstein, who heads up the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, an organization dedicated to ending Christian proselytizing within the military.   Perhaps, that PA National Guard Equal Opportunity training guide on potential extremists wasn’t just some isolated misguided fluke, but just might be part of a comprehensive Obama administration attempt to dismantle the core values that have served to make our military the finest in the world.  Here’s a short piece by Todd Starnes on a Fox News radio website on this latest attempt at purging our military of all who cling to their guns and traditions.  Don’t fret about the enemies beyond our borders, worry about the dangerous ideologue who holds the Commander In Chief powers and intends to begin the purges of all who resist another of his fundamental transformation efforts.  Gut our forces, demoralize all who cling to traditional military values, install sycophantic political hacks in all leadership positions, embroil our troops in gender issues, muddle mission with PC claptrap, impose stridently Christian intolerant policies, excuse Islamic extremism and destroy our force from within – hey, who said President Obama knows nothing about strategy – he’s got the old-time  big c “Communist”  blueprint memorized.  All that’s lacking is a fomentation of racial discord, which always figures largely in those old Communist goals.  Alas, I am just one of  those PA clingers to the past – this time I’m clinging to my Cold War training and it’s disconcerting that instead of all those endless worries about how to defend against the Soviets, the new worry lies on whether we’re being defeated by willfully ignoring the truth before our very eyes.

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