Equal Opportunity For Dummies, Courtesy Of US Army

Last year an uproar began over a course titled, “Perspectives On Islam and Islamic Radicalism”, taught at the Joint Forces Staff College in Norfolk, VA, in which the course used Power Point slides that suggested the US was at war with Islam, according to this Army Times story (here).  A google search for “Islam education in US military”  turns up pages upon pages of news sites ranging from ACLU to foreign sites on this subject.  The US military responded with a purge of all materials and instructors who failed to receive the “Islamic-friendly” seal of approval from some Obama administration-approved Islamic “experts”.  The Lieutenant Colonel who taught the course was publicly condemned by General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and official Obama PC enforcer for the US military, and relieved of his teaching assignment.  Here is a Family Security Matters piece on that dust-up last year.  Prior to the military anti-Islam purge, the FBI had its own Islamic cleansing ritual (Fox News article here).

Now a year later, in our new enlightened military training environment,  a PA Army Reserve Equal Opportunity training material emeges, which includes a list of religious extremists and lo’ and behold, Evangelical Christianity tops this extremism list (here, here, and here) and Catholics, Mormons made it on the list too.  Somehow, “Islamophobia” morphed into a “religion”, according to the yahoos who composed this list.  I haven’t heard of any evangelical Christian terrorists and in the US our Catholic population seems pretty peaceable.  Nor have I heard of any Mormon terrorist groups, but admittedly my exposure to Mormons is with some clean-cut, young men, decked out in their white shirts with ties, who pedal their bikes around my town to spread their message.  Who knew they might be dangerous and on a watch list of potential religious extremists….   Well, let’s count the days until General Dempsey jumps into action to investigate this outrage (don’t hold your breath waiting).  We’re doomed if these idiots keep pretending that the “radical” Islamic views aren’t just some tiny marginalized group, but their leaders actively control the dialogue in Muslim countries on all matters pertaining to Islamic interpretations.  There aren’t any prominent, influential “moderate” Islamic leaders to align ourselves with, to sway public opinion in Muslim countries.  The few leaders of Muslim countries who tried to do business with us now know, after our abandonment of Mubarak, that we can’t be trusted.  Our own President has allowed Islamic groups with ties to actual terrorist groups to vet all our military training on all matters Islamic.

Mark Steyn, with his usual biting wit, posted his take on this latest march to madness by the US military (National Review Article here).  He includes a link to a UK Daily Mail piece (here), which exposes many more details than the US papers, even showing photos of this idiotic, far-left lunacy- nifty things like: “Soldiers are prohibited from  recruiting and training members”.  So, I guess if the Baptist Chaplain invites soldiers to Sunday services, he’s violated that provision.  Or inviting a friend to your Bible study puts you at risk of being accused of engaging in extremist activity.  Our military is turning into a circular firing squad, where we’ve allowed the anti-war loons, who despise the military to come in and write the training material and rules.  To identify the enemy, just look in the mirror – it’s us for allowing these far-left dregs to destroy our institutions from within.  Steyn aptly titled his piece, “Too Stupid To Survive (cont.)” and it seems like the last vestiges of moral courage in our military leadership went AWOL and in its place are these spineless, milquetoast politicos, who mindlessly follow, while the far-left kooks disarm and dismantle the finest military in the world.

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