Boston Marathon Bombing Questions Swirl

Decided to link to this blog piece, because it offers a “speculation” that I think needs to be truthfully answered by the FBI.  If this blogger’s “speculation” is true, then we most assuredly need a top to bottom review on how the FBI handles counter-terrorism activities and some serious accountability.  In addition, this administration’s policies on counter-terrorism need a serious overhaul.  The blog, The Diplomad 2.0, ran this piece April 25th titled, “Paying Our Executioners, or You Can’t Spell Massachusetts without Ass”.

The details to be fleshed out are:

When did Tamerlan Tsarnaev show up on the FBI and CIA’s radar as a potential Islamic extremist?

Why so many conflicting reports among  federal agencies (Homeland Security, FBI, and CIA)?

Was the FBI aware of or involved in Tsarnaev’s six month trip to Russia and how did Tsarnaev finance this trip?

Why wasn’t the FBI aware of when Tsarnaev re-entered the USA?

How many contacts with Tsarnaev did the FBI or CIA have, the dates of these contacts and the reason for these contacts?

Did the Russian government warn the US about the older Tsarnaev and if so, what actions were taken regarding this warning(s)?

Was the FBI using Tamerlan Tsarnaev as an informant?

Did the FBI’s purge of Islamic “unfriendly” training material hamper this Boston Marathon investigation (link here)?

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