Our Pacific Commander Prepares For Global Warming

Quick link to a Boston Globe piece  (here) on our top commander for the Pacific region, Navy Admiral Samuel J. Locklear, III, who expressed his belief that the most serious long-term security threat to the Pacific region is “global warming” during a meeting with scholars from Harvard and Tufts universities Friday. So, it appears we’re wasting military readiness time on the vagaries of “global warming”, treating it as a concrete fact, when real people problems in the Pacific region (Chinese aggression, North Korean aggression, China’s internal political, social and economic challenges, the myriad of escalating territorial tensions, etc.) might reasonably be expected to top his list of long-term threats.  The long-term ramifications of China’s One Child policy on China”s internal stability, as China must cope with a young adult male population that vastly outnumbers the young adult female population seems to be a potential serious long-term threat to regional stability, to my way of thinking (certainly more of a concern than the vagaries of climatic change theories).    This article goes on to explain how he’s engaging other countries in planning to stockpile supplies in strategic areas and planning exercises in May with countries in the region to address the “what-ifs”.   I feel so much safer knowing he’s preparing our Pacific forces for global warming, don’t you?

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