Boy with Gun – Oh My, How Scary….. (Not really)

A NJ family’s home was raided by police Saturday over a facebook birthday photo posting of the family’s 11 year-old son holding the .22  rifle he received for his birthday. (story here).  The father is a firearms instructor for the NRA, a NRA range safety officer and a NJ hunter education instructor, according to this story.  So, an anonymous call to some government child abuse hotline instigates a raid on a private citizen’s home over a facebook photo, because we’ve conditioned society to fear guns – especially a gun in the hands of an 11 year-old.  The child in question possesses a NJ hunting license and has passed the state’s hunter safety course.  So, this kid’s unsuspecting mom was at home when the police and Dept of Child and Families Services came knocking on the door.  They demanded to see all the guns in the family’s gun safe.  The story goes Mom called Dad, who rushed home and called his attorney.  The attorney told the father not to open his gun safe unless the police produced a warrant.  Thus far the police have not returned with a warrant.  All of this drama set in motion over a mass overreaction about a photo of a gun in the hands of an 11 year-old boy.

Considering we live in a country where adults can’t distinguish between real guns and a pastry,  whose shape vaguely resembles a gun, this raid should come as no surprise.  The shocking part is that the police tried to push their weight around without a warrant and that should cause more alarm than a kid holding a gun.  We’ve got a lot of government bureaucrats who deal with our children’s safety reacting in bizarre and alarmingly irrational ways all in the name of “zero tolerance”.   In light of the media induced gun hysteria, more of this type of government overreach seems likely.  George Will wrote an excellent piece, The Pop-Tart terrorist, (here) which explains our present culture of mass hysteria over rational thought – idiots run wild, beware!

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