Janet’s Ammo Stockpile

Often the vocal part of the pro-gun types gets relegated to some fringe stereotype, ridiculed by the mainstream media, liberal academics and many politicians in Washington on both sides of the aisle.  The rumors of government run amok continuously circulate, so it’s very easy, after decades of far-flung theories of nebulous compounds, black helicopters, and the various tales of the government plotting to take away guns, to dismiss these stories out of hand as just more urban myths.   So when Forbes, runs a piece, 1.6 Billion Rounds Of Ammo For Homeland Security?  It’s Time For A National Conversation, (here), perhaps it’s time to stop automatically dismissing  these executive branch ammo stockpiling stories and demand some serious answers from this administration.  How many weapons does the DHS possess and why would they need to stockpile that many rounds?

Investors.com ran a commentary piece (here) by Andrew Malcolm at the end of February titled, Why are the feds loading up on so much ammo?, where he ponders the vast ammo stockpiling in the past year by this administration and the lack of real answers as to why these domestic agencies of the executive branch would need so much ammo.  Is it a devious plot to enforce gun control by making it nearly impossible for civilians to purchase ammo?  Is the administration gearing up for some sort of  civil strife that the rest of us remain oblivious about?  Are these agencies just trying to proactively keep us all safe?  Why would a group of far left ideologues, who want to see personal gun ownership severely restricted (many favoring  outright banning private gun ownership completely), embark on such a secretive ammo stockpiling effort?

The Obama administration refuses to answer these questions openly and honestly and so far Congress hasn’t exerted influence to demand answers. The Social Security Administration posted an answer last fall on  their website to quell rumors and insists their ammo purchases were strictly for training purposes and to arm their 589 agents who carry guns (here).  Is it time to start building that bunker in the backyard or acquiring a good survival guide ?  Well, I sure hope not, because for one I treasure my personal liberty , causing me to cringe at the very thought of retreating  to some dingy bunker and secondly, I enjoy my modern amenities too darned much to run away from a government run amok.  Personal liberty should not be taken for granted, it can be eroded by allowing corrupt people to gradually poison our well of freedom and before we know it our Republic sits poised to expire.  Reasonably, these large ammo acquisitions should propel us to demand that our Congress starts demanding some honest answers.    I sure don’t want to add a tin foil hat to my Spring fashion accessory list, but with this administration, the old Reagan  “trust, but verify” , saying seems quite appropriate and a prudent citizen response to this situation.


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2 responses to “Janet’s Ammo Stockpile

  1. Don Kaag

    What is telling is the kinds of ammunition that the DHS is stockpiling, not just the bulk numbers. Almost all of the handgun ammunition being purchased is jacketed hollow-points. Anyone who is a shooter knows that you don’t buy premium jacketed hollow-point ammo to shoot at the range; it is simply too expensive. People target-practice and train with less expensive FMJs. Also, none of that hollow-point ammo can be used by the military because its use is prohibited in war by the Geneva Conventions. Translation: It is often lethal, makes really ugly, hard-to-treat wounds, and is legal to use only on civilians. Many police forces now carry it. The rifle ammunition being purchased is, in large part, high-performance premium ammunition, what people in the military would call “National Match”, and is generally only used by snipers, once again because of its cost. It is not ordinary ball rifle ammo and is certainly not used in ordinary range training. Another interesting question is what the DHS plans to do with the 2,717 remanufactured, ex-military, MRAP mine-resistant, firing-port-equipped armored cars is it buying…

  2. Thank you for providing the perspective of an expert on this issue. The glaring contradictory actions within this administration continue to trouble me and the sheer volume of these ammunition purchases seems like overkill. With your added information, that paints an even more troubling picture.

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