Just a matter of time

Despite playing with glue and paper today, I did read some news. For once I’ll forgo links to sources to do a quick post of bullet points of concern and also referring back to “old” news.

1. The threat of more terrorist attacks has escalated. Terrorism has not waned, and while the Obama administration tried to spin Al Qaeda as decimated, the truth is an Al Qaeda affiliate, AQI, morphed into an even more dangerous terrorist group. So, while the Obama narrative writers might want to quibble that ISIL (as they prefer to call them) is not Al Qaeda, just keep in mind that these are the lunatics who refuse to see any connection between radical Islamists and Islam.

2. Besides more terrorist attacks like the ones Paris has just suffered, keep in mind that Islamist terrorists have been trying to pull off a WMD attack against the West. The Obama administration lies a lot about WMD – they try to insist their Iran plan will keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons, which is ridiculously naive, but even worse the President fudged on assigning blame and announcing his infamous red line in Syria. He assigned blame for that attack before the investigation was even completed. He had decided on regime change and revving up the propaganda against Assad fit his narrative.

Certainly, there’s horrific violence on all sides in Syria, but it looks like the Obama administration downplayed the Syrian rebels and some of them possessing WMD capability. Recent reports indicate that Syrian rebels used WMD in an August attack. So, we’ve got that capability in the hands of apocalyptic terrorists and Europe is chock full of Islamists and Islamist sympathizers.

The FBI recently cited 900 active ISIS investigation within the US. Let me repeat, these lunatics want to use WMD against the West and the Obama administration has stayed mum about ISIS possessing WMD capability. Europe has that Balkans pipeline that Islamists utilize to smuggle weapons and explosives into Europe.  We have porous borders.

We also have American black Muslim gangs with ties to Islamist radicals, in not only many American cities, but across America.  There’s a dangerous nexus between America’s illegal drug trade and Islamic terrorism.  The press seems to miss this connection repeatedly – in the Baltimore riots – there were black Muslim gangs there too.  Reporters and even one of their favorite sources on “extremism” in America, The Southern Poverty Law Center,  downplays that Islamic connection in bios of many of these black gangs.

3. There is no way to vet Syrian refugees, where there’s no Syrian database to check these passports against.  While the vast majority of refugees are likely harmless, it doesn’t take very many to carry out terrorist attacks.

4. This White House has clueless morons, like Valerie Jarrett and Ben Rhodes, with no real foreign policy expertise, making decisions, while our generals get ignored. 2016 remains a long ways away in this type of grave national security environment.

5. Just hope your state has competent leaders, because this administration falls far short on that metric.  Let’s hope the adults in Washington will do what’s necessary, if this administration once again decides to “lead from behind”.  The luxury of waiting it out and keeping our fingers crossed until 2016 seems like wishful thinking at this point.  Just a few short weeks ago Europeans were blithely wallowing in their EU open borders euphoria and today France and Belgium appear to be living under martial law, fearing an imminent terrorist attack.

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  1. JK

    With 4. This White House has clueless morons, like Valerie Jarrett and Ben Rhodes, with no real foreign policy expertise, making decisions, while our generals get ignored, in mind:


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