Just, Get Real!

General Mike Flynn, former DIA director, used the phrase that it’s time to “get real” in our fight against ISIS.  It’s time to “get real” in putting the pieces together with this terrorist attack on American soil yesterday!  The Obama administration will bend over backwards to call it everything except what it is – A TERRORIST ATTACK!    The media keeps yammering on about how this shooter in San Bernadino left this workplace Christmas party angry.  The shooter happens to be a devout Muslim, who recently traveled to Saudi Arabia – okay, that could be “not definitive”, but come on he went home and returned with his wife and reports indicate a third person and all of them were heavily armed, wearing black gear.  Well, here’s a clue from a co-worker of the terrorist:

“Baccari said his co-worker, who said he was raised on a farm with goats and chickens, was reserved. Several months ago Farook grew out his beard. He appeared committed to his family, and never displayed any unusual behavior or discussed any radical political views.”

The suspect left THREE IEDS in the Inland Regional Center before fleeing the scene of their massacre.  Sure, random act by disgruntled employee is to go home and gather together, not only the wife and guns, but IEDs lying around the house.  Sure, he went home and just randomly constructed some IEDs, because he got pissed at the Christmas party.  GET REAL!

I can tell you that for sure, that while the President will fixate on the gun problem in America, he’s barking up the wrong tree, by assiduously avoiding facing the Islamic radical problem.  I know, the left will next say the work Christmas party was insensitive and “incited” this violent response…   Yes, don’t make them angry, or else.  Just wait, this line of insane reasoning is coming.

So sick of the venal politicizing Islam’s dark, radical underbelly, after more than a decade and thousands of American lives lost in a fight where our leaders refuse to identify the enemy – it’s Islamic radicals who are following an ideology that is promoted and funded by some of America’s supposed allies in the Mid-East!  That’s not “hate”, that’s called identifying those who hate America and want to annihilate us (hint: America’s enemies).


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5 responses to “Just, Get Real!

  1. Michael Adams

    It is beyond disturbing to me that the very people who have sworn to defend us and our Constitution can not even bring themselves to name the enemy, and now they demand to disarm us, too. Utterly appalling!

    • The President doesn’t hesitate to jump to conclusions about black criminals/police matters, but he will never utter the words Islamic terrorism. Watching the officials is beyond appalling, but the “free” press, which ostensibly should be the vanguard against oppressive and corrupt government, just repeat the same mindless inanities. Watching many of them “report” a long list of “facts” that scream Islamic terrorism, they end each report carefully repeating the government propaganda that we can’t jump to conclusions, because it could be “workplace violence”. I feel like I am watching brainwashed idiots reporting the news. They bow down to “officials”, anyone with an expert title and PC minders, who feed them the government line.

  2. He wasn’t going to choose an Attorney General who wasn’t an ideological fellow-traveler. These leftists marinated so long in PC gobbledygook that they can’t see the forest for the trees. Her display was beyond disgusting – assuring Muslims in America that she will protect them from “hate-speech”, while saying nothing about protecting Americans from Islamic terrorists. This all centers on blaming Americans for Islamic radicalism rather than facing the fact that Islam has a growing radicalization problem and perhaps they need to step up to the plate and help fight against that. The so-called majority of “moderate”, “peace-loving” Muslims who will speak out against Islamic terrorism remains almost invisible in America. All CAIR ever offers up is more mouthpieces to regale us with how quiet and peaceful and good the Islamic terrorist was – no signs of religious extremism or radicalization.

    This case – Megyn Kelly had an interview with Farood’s Imam – same old, same old – a peaceful, gentle Muslim……… Sure thing, heard that from the Imam at the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix too – about one of those Garland, TX shooters. And that Imam lied through his teeth – he knew that shooter was radicalized and he knew his mosque was under FBI surveillance for Islamic terrorist activities. That mosque had two previous members who were terrorists, both of whom are sitting in federal prison on terrorism charges. ( https://pjmedia.com/blog/phoenix-mosque-attended-by-garland-draw-muhammad-jihadists-previously-spawned-two-other-terrorists#ixzz3ZrE8Ybpk ).The press always backs down from pinning down these Islamic mouthpieces, but even worse the press does not even bother to fact check their “religion of Peace” propaganda.

  3. Robert

    I’ve noticed that. At least this terrible event has caused the Islam enablers within the government and else where to pop up and show themselves. Another event like San B and the average inattentive American will become focused like a laser on the problem. Their attention is long over due.

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