Another architect of the Great Reset

In my short post on King Charles III and his being an ardent environmentalist and supporter of the WEF Great Reset, it was more than just John Kerry, President Biden’s climate czar, showing up in Scotland this past week that led me to that conclusion. Here are a couple links to King Charles III, then the Prince of Wales, throwing his full support behind the WEF’s Great Reset plan since 2020, before the Schwab book was even published. He was involved in the WEF circle formulating the Great Reset plan and he’s very influential among the climate change elites, as is his brother, Prince Andrew. Here are a couple links to news articles from the past few years about his views:

From Vanity Fair, May 22, 2020: Is Prince Charles Using the Pandemic to Take on Capitalism? Here’s a quote from this article:

In January, Charles started a partnership with the organization called the Sustainable Markets Initiative, and he used a panel discussion at Davos to talk about how he thought capitalism needed to “reset” in order to prevent the worst effects of climate change. Now he’s applying that same logic to the aftermath of coronavirus.”

“According to the Telegraph, Charles has been working with Klaus Schwab, the WEF’s founder, on projects to help shape recovery from the pandemic.”

From The Guardian, June 3, 2020: Pandemic is chance to reset global economy, says Prince Charles.

Here’s a link to Sustainable Markets Initiative, which Charles started in January 2020. And here’s the link to the partners page:

So, once again timelines matter. The WEF and elites were planning this Great Reset before the global pandemic, as this Vanity Fair article states that Prince Charles was working with Schwab on a “Great Reset” in January 2020. When the pandemic started, it sure looks to me, like they decided to use that crisis as a means to accelerate their great reset plan.

Here’s a Bank of America newsroom notice from September 21, 2020 : The Sustainable Markets Initiative Launches RE:TV: “Speaking today at Climate Week 2020, HRH The Prince of Wales launched RE:TV, a new platform to showcase solutions working to accelerate a more sustainable future.”

So forgive me if I’m not getting on board with the media-driven gushing, the pomp and circumstance of a royal funeral, and the media effort to hype King Charles III, as some great stabilizing force in the UK. He’s an environmental extremist, who will wear the crown of one of the most influential monarchies in the world, and he was closely involved in the creation of the WEF Great Reset plan. In fact, he’s part of the inner-circle of influential elites, who came up with this plan.

Instead of “God Save the King,” I expect very soon many British people will be opining, “God Save Us from this Environmental Extremist.”


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2 responses to “Another architect of the Great Reset

  1. JK

    Last evening a niece called from a state up north of us – which has a very sizeable portion of its long-time population being of oh, I guess “Viking heritage” (Scandinavian?) – Anyway we were discussing the subtleties of how the English monarchs figure out which names they’re gonna use.

    She say’s “Well you know Uncle J, in one of those old Viking countries they had a guy called ‘King Knutson” (not sure if I’m spelling that correctly).

    And I reply, “Weeell, yeah I think I remember some guy by that name, so what?”

    And she says, “Well in the spirit of these kingly things I think the English are going to soon be going with calling him King Nutcase.”

    And now this morning I come and read your post. And start laughing again.

    • Well, JK, just like I said Trump can’t change his deeply flawed character, there’s no way a title change and move up the ladder of aristocratic privilege is going to change King Charles III. I remember long ago when he was waxing on about how we need to talk to our plants when we garden. He’s been flying first-class on the flight to Green Utopia for decades.

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