Fearless embrace of progress

I’m kind of torn with how to write this blog post, but I want to write it and try not to be disrespectful about Queen Elizabeth II passing away.

I admired Queen Elizabeth II in many ways, but her children not at all. Her passing seems very much like the passing of a generation and the close of an era.

Today, King Charles III gave his inaugural address and it was well-written, dignified, carefully constructed and delivered. In that speech he said, “In her life of service we saw that abiding love of tradition, together with that fearless embrace of progress, which make us great as Nations.”

King Charles III has been a zealous environmentalist and green dream proponent for years, so it will be interesting to see how the green proponents try to use the British national sentiment about the queen passing and try to channel it toward embrace of going along with the green energy transformation. It will also be interesting to see if the new king takes a decidedly more overt posture in pushing the green agenda, by trying to sell it as not political or ideological and more as patriotic duty.

Here’s a quote from an ABC report:

“John Kerry, the U.S. special envoy for climate, said he hopes Charles will continue speaking out about climate change because it is a universal issue that doesn’t involve ideology. Kerry was in Scotland to meet with the Prince of Wales this week, but the session was canceled when the queen died.”

I expect Hollywood-type productions trying to sell the great reset in the UK by tying it to being like the late queen and her “fearless embrace of progress.” Here’s John Kerry:

Climate change is very much political and ideological and it’s an issue being pushed by globalist zealots. I suspect King Charles III and others in the royal family may push the green-energy transformation in ways the late queen would never have considered.

I’ve made a mental note of that phrase, “fearless embrace of progress,” because I expect iterations of that to be repeated a lot in the UK by people pushing the great reset agenda.

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