Collapse of the system, you say

I haven’t felt well today, so I’ve sat on the computer too much, instead of getting work done around my house. I’ve been thinking a lot as I read more news than I’ve done in a while and checked in on Twitter and YouTube, browsing around. What I’ve been thinking about is something I’ve been thinking about for over 20 years and it’s also something I’ve written about a whole lot on this blog. If you cringed and thought, “Oh, no, she’s going to ramble on about about the spin information war again,” you guessed wrong. What I’ve been thinking about is bigger than that and it’s more about how can we (meaning the American people) prevent a total collapse of the system, which is comprised of several major systems, when our leaders are making epically bad decisions that will lead to mayhem and disaster?

For decades I’ve read and listened to a whole lot of right-wing thinkers, pundits and read a lot about political issues in America (along with a lot of other topics – I just have always read a lot). I have also read a lot of stuff and listened to a lot of progressives, Democrats and other thought leaders on the left.

Being a right-winger myself, I used to buy into many of the “buzzword” fearmongering that fuels the right-wing political sphere and this “collapsing the system” idea is one of those phrases that Glenn Beck and other right-wing pundits have harped on (and hyped for ratings) for years Since it sure looks to me we likely are heading full-speed ahead toward a collapse of several vital systems, I was thinking about a blog post I wrote back in 2015: If we build it; we can fix it

The left-wing ideologies (and their strategies) invariably have serious glaring gaps in them – their ways and means in their strategic thinking and planning never result in their pie-in-the-sky ends. For some reason people on the right have this fear of leftist ideology, as if it’s omnipotent and that there are mastermind strategists plotting all of this stuff, when in reality, I believe the thought leaders and rich and powerful among the left are glaringly lacking in sound strategic thinking and planning – your ways and means should work to achieve your ends. Unfortunately, the leftist pipedreams aren’t attainable, because they defy human nature and more importantly their ways and means lead only to misery and suffering for millions of people – and mayhem (“defund the police,” anyone.)

The most important thing is for people not to give up on America or believe that we’re doomed, because truly that will seal our fate. I believe we have enough smart, honorable, decent, hard-working people still left in America, that we don’t have to accept defeat or cower in fear. Things could get very bad, but what I wrote in 2015 is true – we shouldn’t quit before trying to do every last thing we can to save our republic. As long as we are free, we can work together in small groups to help each other, we can network with others across America and share information, advice and lend a helping hand, where we can.

We don’t have to be sitting ducks while our corrupt and clueless leaders fail to act. It’s going to take millions of Americans working hard to pull our country together, while the elites (not only on the left, there are plenty on the right too) flounder about, try to spin away the growing chaos, point fingers at each other and lie, lie, lie.

It’s going to take a whole lot of grassroots effort – not wasting time on political rallies or marches or bs like that, but actually working to find real help for people – trying to help source vital goods, trying to keep Americans fed, trying to keep Americans finding positive solutions, to keep America up and running.

The last thing we need is a lot of flame-throwing and raging fools – there are enough of those in Washington and the media. We are going to have to work together and pull as many like-minded people together toward, not just pointing out all of the problems and shortages, but on finding ways to locally help each other, then expanding it to working on networking with other Americans across the country. We need to stay focused on solutions – not fear, panic, worrying and worst of all we can’t let defeatism take hold of one iota of our spirit. Letting defeatism into your mind is fatal.

Politicians only dream up expensive government programs that don’t work. To get through what’s headed our way, I think it’s going to take all of us to start working on self-empowerment. Work to take care of yourself and your own family, then, if you can, try to start helping others, rather than sitting around bitching about Biden and our feckless leaders in Washington.

These are my thoughts.

I’m going to repost that 2015 blog post.

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