The new normal is a blast…

Okay, this is political, but this lady’s tweet is spot on for where we’re at. First it was a baby formula shortage that Biden used the Defense Authorization Act to fly in baby formula from Europe… now there’s a tampon shortage. One can only wonder how the Biden administration will handle this shortage…

Here’s a true story from this week. I got sick a few days ago. When I arrived at my doctor’s office, I realized I didn’t have any face masks in my car or purse. So, I called my doctor’s office and was put on hold, as I drove to a nearby CVS to buy a face mask. When the receptionist finally answered my call, I explained what happened and told her I would be a few minutes late. My primary care doctor prescribed antibiotics. I get my prescriptions filled on a nearby military post, where the Refill Pharmacy is located on one side of the snack bar and not at the military hospital pharmacy. Prescriptions from off-post doctors go through the Refill Pharmacy – that’s been a shuffling around over the years too with military retirees and their families – using on-post military doctors, then they wanted us to use civilian primary care providers, then it was some care went back to military providers.

That refill pharmacy went through several procedures since 2020, even going to setting up some makeshift drive-through pharmacy operation in the parking lot, which was chaotic. I felt sorry for the soldiers having to run in and out the building in the summertime heat, to handle each prescription. When they went back to allowing people to go inside to get their prescriptions, it’s been a face mask required location, even though it’s located in the snack bar, where soldiers and their families sit mask-free and eat. The refill pharmacy has also had socially-distanced seating in their corner of the snack bar until recently, but the mandatory face mask rule is still in place.

The pharmacists pull down their masks frequently and all along I’ve wondered why they’re doing all of this face mask drama in an open snack bar, where other people aren’t wearing masks. It’s all bureaucratic bs. at this point.

Unfortunately, so many people, especially medical people and military top brass, will cling to this ridiculous Covid theater for the foreseeable future. I remember how long they kept in place all sorts of pointless post 9/11 security measures, that made no sense whatsoever, especially at airports and on military installations. Anyone expecting the federal government to solve anything is delusional, I think.

The elastic ear loop of my disposable mask tore as I was walking toward the refill pharmacy and I was standing there tying the elastic around a corner of the flimsy mask, hoping it would hold long enough for me to get my prescription filled.

As I waited the lady in the Panda Express kept apologizing to customers, telling them she was sorry, but they were closing at 2:30 pm, because there were only two of them working and she said they would be closing at 2:30 for the next few days. That’s what life is like – endless, stupid, mindless rules and nothing operates like it used to.

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