Each day brings hope

What I hope Americans understand is that what’s happening in Ukraine will touch their daily lives here in America, even if our country isn’t involved in the war on the ground.

Sanctions against Russia come with costs to America, especially if China and other countries work with Russia to retaliate. Both Russia and China have been stockpiling grain and advising their citizens to stock up on necessary food.

“MOSCOW, RUSSIA — Russia plans to release about 75,000 tonnes from its government stockpile to the domestic market during the first quarter of 2021, state trader United Grain Company told Reuters on Jan. 14.

Sales will begin on Jan. 20, Reuters reported.”


Here’s a CNN report on China from November 2021:

Hong Kong/Seoul CNN Business —  

“China is telling families to stock up on food and other daily essentials as bad weather, energy shortages and Covid-19 restrictions threaten to disrupt supplies.

The country’s Ministry of Commerce late Monday issued a notice directing local governments to encourage people to stockpile “daily necessities,” including vegetables, oils and poultry, in order to “meet the needs of daily life and emergencies.”

The agency also urged local authorities to make sure that people have an “adequate supply” of essentials this winter into next spring. And it told those authorities to keep prices stable — a source of anxiety in recent weeks, as the cost of vegetables has surged throughout China because of unusually heavy rainfall that has hurt crops.”


I wish we had leaders here who had calmly urged Americans to prepare and worked to try to unite our country, but all we get is more hyper-partisan craziness spewing from both sides.

The yada, yada, yada I mentioned the other day means none of us can change what Putin’s doing or even what our own leaders are doing, but we do have control over how much news and social media we consume.

If you asked me what you should do now, I’d urge you to limit your news and media consumption, as the first belt-tightening you do as things get worse. I’d urge every American to work to strengthen their relationships with their family, friends and neighbors and find ways to help each other. I’d urge them to stock up food, water and basic supplies, because inflation and supply problems are likely to escalate. I’d urge them to pray.

Pray for our troops who are deployed around the world, working to keep us all safe.

Focus on what you can do each day, not on how bad things are. Each day brings hope.

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