Putin moves

Tonight the news is abuzz with Putin beginning an invasion of Ukraine. Putin delivered one of the most audacious warnings to the West about not interfering in Ukraine and now we await a response from western leaders.

Trump called in to Laura Ingraham’s show tonight and naturally claimed all this is happening because of a “stolen election” and tried to make it about himself. Many partisans on the right won’t see how inappropriate and disgraceful this comment is from a former president, when a hostile foreign leader is threatening our country. Putin was threatening all of America – not one side of partisans in America.

The White House hasn’t responded yet. One can only wonder if this latest act of aggression by Putin warrants swift and severe sanctions Biden promised.

Neither party has competent leaders, who will put the welfare of America ahead of their partisan battles.

If you’re wondering why the Biden White House is so slow with the sanctions, here’s the reality check – Russia is still the third highest exporter of oil to the US, behind Canada, which is the number one exporter of oil to us, and Mexico, according to Forbes: Russia Is A Major Supplier Of Oil To The U.S.

While I fully understand the support for the Freedom Convoy with Canada’s truckers and why many Americans support the American trucker’s protest starting, I feel confident that there’s a whole lot of hostile foreign information war operations helping fueling this trucker’s protest around the world.

Who benefits from escalating the internal turmoil in countries in the West?

The timing of this trucker’s protest kicking off and the escalating Russia vs. the West clash today certainly could not be worse for America and better for our adversaries. I don’t see any good coming out of the trucker’s protest. Dems, the Biden White House and the liberal media will quickly shift blame for all the worsening economic woes to the trucker’s protest. The likelihood of illegal mayhem happening with his protest is high. The likelihood of false flag operations by various entities to engage in criminal actions, that will overshadow the message of freedom the protest is supposedly about, is high too. The likelihood of any meaningful specific policy changes is low.

I do not support any illegal activities – that goes for either side of partisans – so, if there’s any illegally blocking bridges or roads, I do not support that.

Definitely, not any good news tonight.

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