Some common sense opinions

On my blog I’ve written loads about politics and the culture war garbage, but one thing it’s important to remember is that all across America are loads of good people trying to make sense of all of the craziness of the past year and half too. I’m going to post a few YouTube channels with ordinary people who offer some honest, practical takes on preparedness that aren’t focused on fear or buy, buy, buy. Staying calm and positive really matter in an emergency and truthfully, the economic situation, according to even Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, inflation is expected to get worse over the next several months and the Biden administration’s Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, says the shipping chain issues in America could last well into 2022.

First up here’s Dawn, at Centsible Living with Money Mom. Heck, I’m right there with Dawn on having made plenty of bad money decisions in my 61 years and all I could do is try not to repeat them and learn from them. I also worry a lot by nature, so listening to a lot of “the sky is falling” warnings doesn’t help me make good decisions.

Next is Emmy, another nice lady whose YouTube channel, Frugal Money Saver, focuses on frugal living and finding joy in simple things in life. Emmy is always positive and upbeat, plus she offers a whole lot of common sense advice:

Here’s Granny, at Mornings with Granny, with an important message on being thankful. Granny is right, even with all of our problems, I’d rather be living here in America than anywhere else:

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