Sharyl Attkisson report on COVID in an Amish community

JK sent me this Attkisson report about how the Amish in Lancaster, PA dealt with COVID last year. It raises some interesting questions about the extreme social mitigation efforts pushed by our federal health officials and government vs. the Amish sticking to their deeply held religious beliefs on the importance of work, family, and community.

After facing having my husband bed bound on home hospice care through last year, I can understand the Amish determination to avoid hospitals and risk not being able to have friends and family visit. I felt that way too and am glad I kept my husband at home. The Amish leader Attkisson interviewed explained how giving up everything they believe would have been worse than death and I can respect that viewpoint completely. When you click on the story, the video is a bit over 5 minutes long:


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2 responses to “Sharyl Attkisson report on COVID in an Amish community

  1. JK

    A slight clarification LB. If I recall correctly the “leader” Attkisson interviewed was rather Amish Mennonite. Now personally as I’m quite unable to speak to whether or on what [religious] grounds that might make a difference I’d choose not to hazard a guess. I do know the Mennonites are the ones “allowed” to drive the Amish to wherever – and (I’m pretty sure) Mennonites may have electricity in their homes.

    • Well, JK, there’s some variety among the Amish, with my understanding being the Schwarzentruber Amish being the most conservative. Mennonites have some similarities to the Amish, but have different religious beliefs and have a lot less rigid rules, I think.

      Anyways, thanks for that video, because it presented some interesting info and point of view. Cant’ disagree with that leader’s explanation of not trusting the government, government schools, and government health care. Heck, I think a sizable chunk of America is at that point about now.

      There were times when it got really hard taking care of my husband last year and the hospice had cut visits to one nurse visit a week, because of COVID. The thought of not being able to visit my husband & him being confused and alone with strangers filled me with horror, so I kept plugging along as best I could. This entire episode of not allowing families to visit their loved ones in hospitals and nursing homes was cruel and abusive, imo. It’s still going on a lot of places.

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