Impeachment sideshow rolls out

The Trump impeachment fiasco plods along.

I did not vote for Trump and will never vote for him.  I spent a lot of time in 2015 and 2016, blogging and commenting in online forums about my NeverTrump&NeverHillary position.  I believed then and still believe Donald J. Trump is totally unfit to be president, but here’s where I part company with all the #Resist Dems, who have worked tirelessly to destroy Trump’s presidency – I believe in respecting the results of elections.   President Trump was duly elected.  This #Resist Dem spin effort to discredit a lawful election is disgraceful and even more “deplorable” than Trump’s petty name-calling and totally undisciplined conduct, where he rambles on without properly studying issues or policy or even having a clear understanding of matters.

The Dem’s #Resist effort to takedown Trump is the most appallingly bad citizenship and corrupt effort I’ve ever seen, because they are shamelessly lying to incite the media mob and anti-Trumpers using spin garbage (orchestrated media spin attacks) 24/7, with no concern for how this is affecting America. It’s a ruthless “by any means necessary” information war.  The abuse of intelligence resources and corrupt spin efforts to takedown Trump has alarmed me the most.  Every Dem effort to takedown Trump is a coordinated media spin war effort.

This Trump-Ukraine “whistleblower” complaint is a repeat of the Steele dossier, relaying stuff  unnamed sources told him/her.  Why these sources were telling this “whistleblower” so much dirt on Trump and why this “whistleblower” was gathering all this Trump dirt is curious.  The credibility of the complaint seems to be weighted on the number of unnamed sources and their “positions in the US government”, just as the Steele dossier’s credibility was built on all these unnamed “sources close to the Kremlin” and Steele being some highly-respected former spy.

The “counter-intelligence” investigation of Trump began in 2016, before Trump was even elected and partisan Dems with access to US government intelligence continue to use US intelligence assets to wage a stealth spin information war against Trump.  In my mind, this stealth intel-war against Trump poses more of a threat than anything Trump has done so far (and he has done a helluva lot I disapprove of).  Even in this call with the Ukraine president, I find Trump even mentioning Biden and his son totally inappropriate. However, the Dem/mainstream media framing for their impeachment case against Trump seems very weak to me, especially their alleged “cover-up” spin.

What always seems to happen with these Dem/mainstream bombshell “beginning of the end” Trump spin hits is after the spin clouds begin to settle from the hit, along with Trump suffering some damage, the Dems and mainstream media inflict way more collateral damage on their own credibility. We’ll have to see how this impeachment spin drama unfolds. This grand cover-up spin coming from Dems, who excused Hillary running the State Department from an unsecured homebrew server in her basement, left me not knowing whether to laugh out loud at the absurdity or get angry at their galling hypocrisy.  Get this, Trump’s cover-up effort was securing transcripts of calls with foreign leaders in a highly secure US government system that had limited access and they’re claiming that was an abuse of the classification system.  Considering the number of “anonymous intel sourced” leaks to the media, that’s going to be a hard sell, lol.

Why on earth wouldn’t Trump trust the intel community?  Geesh, just look at the leaks.  What is standard security efforts when faced with internal leaks in any organization? obviously it’s – use a more secure system and limit access.  The same Dems who sold Hillary putting classified information on an unsecure homebrew server as no big deal are now going to argue Trump abused the classification system trying to secure his calls with foreign leaders on a restricted access official government server.

From all the Twitter buzz this week, the actual identity of the “whistleblower” is not known yet.  The NY Times ran some bio information, but other sources refuted that and attacked the NY Times for trying to expose the “whistleblower”.  I could be wrong about my hunch that it’s Sue Gordon, but I still believe her not being picked by Trump as DNI precipitated this “whistleblower” complaint.  All I know is there is no way this impeachment will fly for Dems if the “whistleblower’s” identity and credibility isn’t openly assessed and all these unnamed sources who provided the whistleblower this information are identified.  Why was the “whistleblower” gathering anti-Trump dirt from all these unnamed sources and why were these unnamed sources providing it – even this Trump call with the President of Ukraine?  Why were sources informing this “whistleblower” about a president’s call with a foreign leader?

Why do I refer to it as the “whistleblower”, well this person has no first-hand knowledge of anything… just like the Steele dossier’s “sources close to the Kremlin:…

Sean Davis at The Federalist wrote a piece yesterday that could throw a spoke in the wheel of Schiff’s impeachment dreams.  The IC IG complaint form appears to have been changed in August, waiving the requirement that a whistleblower have first-hand knowledge of the events.  Isn’t that convenient for this “whistleblower,” who even cites news articles…:

“Between May 2018 and August 2019, the intelligence community secretly eliminated a requirement that whistleblowers provide direct, first-hand knowledge of alleged wrongdoings. This raises questions about the intelligence community’s behavior regarding the August submission of a whistleblower complaint against President Donald Trump. The new complaint document no longer requires potential whistleblowers who wish to have their concerns expedited to Congress to have direct, first-hand knowledge of the alleged wrongdoing that they are reporting.

The brand new version of the whistleblower complaint form, which was not made public until after the transcript of Trump’s July 25 phone call with the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky and the complaint addressed to Congress were made public, eliminates the first-hand knowledge requirement and allows employees to file whistleblower complaints even if they have zero direct knowledge of underlying evidence and only “heard about [wrongdoing] from others.””

On Twitter, Adam Schiff tweets from August, mirroring this “whistleblower” complaint on Trump’s Ukraine phone call, and also Schiff promoting Sue Gordon circulated.  I suspect this “whistleblower” complaint was ghost-written by a group of Dem lawyers effort, including Adam Schiff.

If anti-Trump intel peeps altered the “whistleblower” requirements specifically to facilitate this complaint, well that would be quite an amazing scandal.  It seems sure more details will be revealed as this impeachment sideshow rolls along.


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6 responses to “Impeachment sideshow rolls out

  1. JK

    “What always seems to happen with these Dem/mainstream bombshell “beginning of the end” Trump spin hits is after the spin clouds begin to settle from the hit, along with Trump suffering some damage, the Dems and mainstream media inflict way more collateral damage on their own credibility.”

    You’ll recall Reagan’s observing [of whatever the subject was, I forget] “… There’s bound to be a pony in here somewhere”?

    Well so far as the *loyal opposition’s* modus operandi I suggest it goes something like this – ‘If we can just keep changing out body parts there’s bound to be an Achilles’s heel in one of these boxes.’

    “I suspect this “whistleblower” complaint was ghost-written by a group of Dem lawyers effort, including Adam Schiff. … If anti-Trump intel peeps altered the “whistleblower” requirements specifically to facilitate this complaint, well that would be quite an amazing scandal.”

    I’m taking the liberty of copying a comment placed elsewhere and applying it here – I am of the opinion its author wouldn’t mind abit:


    “Here’s another issue that’s going to be pressed in the coming days. Was the form even really revised in August? Because the actual form that claims an August revision was only actually released two days ago on September 25th. It looks like it could be back-fill to cover up the intel community originally breaking the rules by allowing the complaint.”

    “This complaint is looking more and more like a coordinated hit. The way it was written, the timeline involved, the way Adam Schiff knew about it weeks before it was even filed, and now this rule change which made it even possible. It’s all too much to be coincidence.”


    An “interesting comment thread” can be found (my having thrown a dart to find a spot to begin at) on this post:


    Yeah I’m aware LB of your reservations toward stuff that last blog’s author has to say – primary reason I skip so far down.

    • JK, I was wondering if this “whistleblower” might turn out to be some intel person, who hates Trump and got in contact with some Dems or Dem operatives and then was recruited to file this complaint (another Christine Blasey-Ford coached by Dem operative lawyers scenario)? Something bothers me about how this person gathered all this information from that many second and third hand sources, then put together this complaint that looks like a professional legal presentation.

    • JK, I also wanted to point out this tweet from a guy who goes by Undercover Huber. He posts a lot of documents and intel info:

      Undercover Huber
      Only a few hours after taking office as Acting DNI in Aug 2019, Maguire was ambushed with the “whistleblower” complaint

      Only a few hours after taking office as DNI in Mar 2017, Dan Coats was ambushed with a “briefing” on the Russia Collusion probe by then FBI Director Comey

      1:44 PM · Sep 27, 2019

      I’ve been pondering this info too – it seems like an orchestrated effort to sabotage Trump by poisoning the DNI against Trump.

      It’s the most corrosive thing to running our country that I have ever seen. I want to know how this “whistleblower” complaint came about, who this person worked with to compile this information, who this person worked with to file the complaint too- it just smells like a totally manufactured spin story.

      Why would all these people be telling this whistleblower all these things and why was this whistleblower compiling Trump dirt? How on earth can’t these people see that the big picture of this many people blabbing sensitive information is a serious national security problem?

  2. JK, UC Huber months ago had a fascinating Crowdstrike thread and the FBI’s no-bid contract with Crowdstrike just as the email investigation was going to land in the FBI’s lap. No explanation from the FBI of what work Crowdstrike was contracted to do though. I wonder if the FBi analysts ever even touched the Clinton server or were able to analyze the Weiner laptop?

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