Another Clinton Spin strategy launch?

Decided to write a short blog post on the Trump-Ukraine scandal, which smells like a retread of the Trump-Russia scandal.

The Democrats rushed to relaunch their “impeachment inquiry” in the House yesterday and competing narratives swirl about the allegations against nefarious corruption committed by both Trump and Biden, but here’s the thing – this Trump-Ukraine scandal smells like a boring rewrite of the Trump-Russia scandal.

It smells like another Clinton spin strategy has been launched.

The Trump-Ukraine allegations will leave Trump’s presidency immobilized and his campaign mired in this scandal, but because there are serious questions about Biden’s son and Biden’s actions while vice president, this scandal will make Biden toxic among Dems, who are already concerned about his ability to defeat Trump.

So, the Trump-Ukraine scandal also knocks Biden out of contention and would leave Warren as the Dems frontrunner.  Warren has already staked out positions too far left to win in the general election and beyond talking about her plans, she’s churned out written plans galore.

The Trump-Ukraine debacle will leave a path for Hillary to prance in, like an avenging queen, who had her “1st female president” crown wrongfully stolen from her .  Women might be energized to support her as their last best hope to defeat the villainous Trump.

That’s my hunch so far, because this Trump-Ukraine scandal smells so much like Trump-Russia.

As to the mysterious whistleblower, my hunch so far is Sue Gordon, who Trump did not choose to replace Dan Coats as DNI.  The Trump call with the Ukraine president occurred in late July, Gordon resigned her position August 8th and it was days later, August 12th. when this IG complaint was filed.  That’s my hunch.  The whistleblower reportedly is represented by a lawyer connected to Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer.  This whistleblower complaint smells like Comey’s firing and his leaked memos.

Guess we’ll all have to stay tuned.

9/25/2019 2:18 p.m. – Decided to add a bit to my thoughts about this latest hysterical media spin launch. The timing for leaking this whistleblower’s complaint seems designed to preempt and derail any of the Horowitz/DOJ/Durham findings from gaining any traction in the mainstream media. It feels like a massive spin storm designed to send the mainstream media, Dems and any NeverTrump mouthpieces still left racing down a Trump Impeachment rabbit hole.

The mainstream media rushes to latch onto any Dem spin attacks, without even asking any questions and by fully buying into the Democrats political framing of the talking points, which land in their lap (or are leaked to them).

Sure, there are Trump-following media who do this same thing, but the Trump spin effort is always chaotic, because it all comes from Trump’s impulsive comments or tweets. Trump doesn’t do elaborate political strategy like Dem operatives and especially not like Bill Clinton and his cadre of loyal operatives. Trump is more a guerilla type spin operator – unpredictable and good at blowing up or disrupting carefully constructed Dem spin narratives.

Anyway, this Trump-Ukraine spin launch was carefully timed and orchestrated.


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2 responses to “Another Clinton Spin strategy launch?

  1. JK

    Thanks for the output – I’ve kinda been oh, “amazed” I guess that all this old news (for those of us who’ve paid attention since Maidan) resurrecting itself. This, seems to me really benefits no one. Probably and especially the whole of ‘Media-World’ seems to me they’re getting way out ahead of their skis (and its their own doggone fault because all this stuff (had it been at least on a middle burner) coulda been put to bed a relatively long time ago.

    Then again as you say, “Trump-Russia 2.0!”

    • The Clinton machine spin operatives don’t have any unexploded Trump spin ammo left in reserve, so they keep repackaging all the old stuff and the mainstream media still loyally goes into full-throated outrage spin cycles. This whistleblower allegation was something new, so they had to work with what they had. I mean rerunning Cohen in Prague or the Stormy pay-off or Trump’s “grabbing them by their….” Access Hollywood tape are worn very thin.

      The challenge seems to be, how to weave this whistleblower complaint into an impeachment level crisis, that Republicans could be pressured to buy into. The story started losing its punch when the initial breathless report was corrected to the whistleblower only had secondhand knowledge of the call. And following so closely after another attempt to smear Kavanaugh, most Republicans don’t seem very receptive to Dem/mainstream media outrage spin anymore.

      Back to reading more novels for me, lol.

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