Epstein again

There were a few interesting developments in the Jeffrey Epstein case yesterday.

Here’s a link to a story, Real Hedge-Fund Managers Have Some Thoughts on What Epstein Was Actually Doing, written by Michelle Celarier, which offers some theories on how Epstein made his fortune. In this story there’s a link to a tweet thread that’s that a must read too.

Federal prosecutors also  tacked on witness tampering allegations to Epstein’s charges:

“The United States attorney’s office in Manhattan said Epstein wired $350,000 to two possible co-conspirators within five days of the Miami Herald’s November 28 expose on former Labor Secretary Alex Acosta’s sweetheart deal with Epstein in 2007.”


This Epstein case is hot news now, but my prediction is it will go much like the Harvey Weinstein and Ralph Northam media feeding frenzies, if Epstein’s connections implicate too many big Democrats.

So far, the mainstream media isn’t pouncing on digging through Bill Clinton’s statement and investigating, in fact, it’s been dead silence there.  You won’t see the Washington Post sending dozens of reporters to uncover how much of Bill Clinton’s statement is true, but every hint that Trump made some comment about Epstein is being spun for all it’s worth, especially on MSNBC.

The mainstream media is just as corrupt at running interference and damage control for the Clintons, as FOX News is at running damage control for Trump.  The reality is that it would not be surprising if old golfing buddies, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump both had some unsavory connections to Epstein.  Bill Clinton and Donald Trump both have plenty of allegations of sexually predatory behavior and unsavory proven history of trying to cover-up that behavior.  It is fact that Bill Clinton lied about his affair with Monica Lewinsky and his minions were waging an all-out smear campaign against her.  It is fact that Trump had his attorney pay hush money to two women, who claimed to have had affairs with him,  during the 2016 campaign.

Sadly, the media is now more dedicated to aiding partisan causes than objectively reporting news.  And our justice system seems to operate the same way.  There’s plenty of media and Dem outrage about Epstein now, but that was because they wanted Alex Acosta to be taken down.  If there’s no evidence to damage Trump and more evidence implicating Bill Clinton or other big Dems, well, Epstein’s case will go the way of Weinstein – it will fizzle out.  The mainstream media will work to make the story go away.

Update:  Andrew McCarthy at National Review offers his analysis of the Epstein plea agreement and double jeopardy issue: Acosta’s Sweetheart Deal Likely to Foreclose Epstein’s SDNY Prosecution


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11 responses to “Epstein again

  1. JK


    Good thing we publicized that.

    Scared the heck outta Vlad & Co. I’ll bet.

  2. JK

    Haven’t read this yet but it occurred to me LB, I might not be able to get much computer time in the coming week. Long scheduled VA appt Tuesday down south (at the big hospital) has been bi-annual the last three years and ongoing looks like, so don’t be concerned. But June 1 I was doing a “city neighborhood speed limit” when I heard the sound of rotors approaching my vicinity. Turned out there was a high-speed chase going on I found out soon thereafter when the guy the cops were chasing rear-ended my pickup. With me in it. Talk about luck. Anyway I’ve recovered to the point that now I’m doing pt three days a week. Thankfully at a much closer facility than the one down south.


    • JK

      By the way, I’m not driving myself. To either the south or the north.

      I can walk, just enough, but rather than the one cane I was having to use now its two. But to tell you the truth, I’m doing as little of even that as I can get by with. Thank God whoever designed this house put the bathroom right next to the bedroom.

      But I did invest in one of those little plastic pee in things. Just in case.

      • Sorry to hear you’ve been injured, JK. If you need any more portable urinals, you can find them cheap on amazon.com. I even got some with a glow-in-the-dark cap for my husband. He can locate it at night easily.

        Have you considered a walker, instead of trying to manage two canes? A walker offers a lot more stability and through the VA you should be able to get one at no cost (hopefully).

  3. JK

    Thanks but since balance isn’t “much” of an issue for me – and I’m usually ambulating around the house where the width of the walker becomes an issue of its own, using the two canes enables me more .. oh how shall I say, ‘dexterity’ mebbe?

    Then again, owing to my hands necessarily handling the canes ‘carrying stuff’ is an issue and the way I went about fixing that the first time back in ’02 – using a tied-around-the-waist carpenter’s type ‘nailbag’ the Girlfriend I can’t say confidently “is keen on” (matter of fact I think her exact wording is, “JK that looks really dorky”).

    Oh well. But yes LB I do have a walker and when its more convenient, like it will be at the big hospital, I use it. Also use it when I expect any real distance to be an issue. But for short walking and maneuvering in places like the house, two canes suit me just fine.

    Oh one other ‘plus’ – when I’m maneuvering myself back into the carseat following pt, I can just grab the pointy end and use the ‘hook’ end to pull the car door closed. Also my dog has this idea that jumping up on me whenever I’ve been away is something humans should always like, ain’t necessarily so, and trying to whack the dog with a walker is shall we say, kinda “unwieldy” as you might imagine.

  4. JK

    Rushin’ round this mornin’ so who was statesec at the time?

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