More on Jeffrey Epstein

Here’s an interesting link on the Jeffrey Epstein case, which raises some interesting questions:

It Sure Looks Like Jeffrey Epstein Was a Spy—But Whose?


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3 responses to “More on Jeffrey Epstein

  1. JK

    “Since the lines between intelligence and crime can get remarkably blurry in practice, as I’ve explained previously, assessing whom Epstein’s been working for may prove difficult to answer with any precision. But we have a suspect list to start asking questions.”

    “What’s not in doubt is that a sex trafficking ring centered on minors, which involved numerous global VIPs … The Epstein saga seems certain to get even more unpleasant and interesting.”

    Gee. I wonder if Jeffrey knows Sidney?

    • “Gee. I wonder if Jeffrey knows Sidney?”

      The Clintons have always seemed singularly naive and clueless about foreign intelligence operations.

    • Dems and their media friends are already doing damage control for the Clintons/Dems, while targeting Republicans & Trump for blame. Jim Geraghty has 7 questions about the Epstein case.

      #3 – “Three: Why did the office Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance try to keep Epstein from being registered as a top-level sex offender? “A seasoned sex-crimes prosecutor from Mr. Vance’s office argued forcefully in court that Mr. Epstein, who had been convicted in Florida of soliciting an underage prostitute, should not be registered as a top-level sex offender in New York.” The judge denied the request and declared, “I have to tell you, I’m a little overwhelmed because I have never seen a prosecutor’s office do anything like this.””

      The New York County DA is Cyrus Vance, Jr., so I expect anything negative about his father’s actions will be brushed under the carpet for sure, even if the SDNY is handling the case.

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