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Very quick free pattern I stitched last night on a scrap piece of 14-count Aida cloth. I stitched this while watching the FOX News gloat fest over Avenatti’s indictment. Yes, I made a mistake in the middle row in the blue field of the flag and left it. I was probably distracted by Hannity’s sanctimony… This pattern is available at

Redundancy Warning, lol: This blog post is thoughts that I’ve already posted on Twitter this morning and it’s the same message, I’ve repeated many times, even though I doubt the combatants on both sides of America’s SPIN information war will ever admit they are part of the problem

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Both sides, Trump & FOX News vs. the entire Left & mainstream media remain deeply entrenched in a take no prisoners scorched earth SPIN information war, but each side pretends only the other side is engaged in vicious character assassinations and orchestrated spin attacks.7:57 AM – 23 May 2019

The reality check on this constant back and forth about who is the victim feeds the respective spin on each side. The Clintons have been using this “poor, pitiful me” spin tactic (victim of a Witch Hunt) since the 90s and Trump borrowed that spin tactic from Hillary, just like everything else about his spin effort.

The Clintons were under investigation throughout Bill Clinton’s presidency, some of it was justified, some was excessive and yes, the Clintons were extremely corrupt.

Trump has been under investigation even during the 2016 campaign, which in itself is under investigation presently. He remains under investigation by Dems and some is excessive, and yes, Trump is extremely corrupt too.

The Clintons lied constantly. Trump lies constantly. Lying constantly makes you a corrupt person, no matter how much parsing of words and spin you try to gloss over this character question. Of course, being corrupt is not necessarily “criminal”, which seems to be the theme both Clinton and Trump apologists use, but being corrupt should be a flashing warning light to sensible people that this person is not trustworthy or someone you should follow.

Corrupt leaders invariably corrupt their followers. This is just common sense. Character matters and it especially matters in leaders, who are people of great “influence”. The President holds the highest elected office in the land and with that office comes not only the presidential duties and powers laid out in the The Constitution, but also the role of “influencer-in-chief”. The President of the United States can also use the office to set the tone for our country simply by how he/she acts.

A lot of Trump supporters see the Clinton and Dem corruption in their scorched earth spin efforts to destroy Trump, like the Trump-Russia spin/investigation spin hysteria and the orchestrated character assassination spin effort waged against Judge Brett Kavanaugh and they refuse to see anything wrong in Trump’s “fighting back”. Trump sinks into the gutter like the Dems in “fighting back” against Dem smear efforts, but Senate Republicans and Kavanaugh took a high road approach to countering the Dem smear onslaught and managed to win over, even moderate, Susan Collins. Eureka! Perhaps, Trump should consider some other ways to counter the Dems spin attacks (he won’t).

  1. libertybelle‏ @october601 3h3 hours agoMoreTrump broke through the Left & mainstream media control of spin war in America by mimicking the Clinton spin model. He has far less media, but he relies on his own stage presence and hijacking the Left’s spin. In military terms, he owns the OODA loops:1 reply0 retweets0 likesReply 1 Retweet  Like  View Tweet activity

libertybelle‏ @october601More

Trump broke through the Left & mainstream media control of spin war in America by mimicking the Clinton spin model. He has far less media, but he relies on his own stage presence and hijacking the Left’s spin. In military terms, he owns the OODA loops:8:50 AM – 23 May 2019

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Neither side will win this scorched earth SPIN information war. The only outcome will be an America that is totally factionalized & ungovernable. SPIN information war corrupts everyone who engages in it – it’s orchestrated propaganda warfare to control public opinion in America 8:50 AM – 23 May 2019

I’ve said all of this before. There are no winners in scorched earth information warfare, just escalating corruption of our government processes, the media and most of all our culture. There’s absolutely no threads of common ground left to sew together to unite our country at the end of the road – only rabid factions, who distrust and despise each other.

Trump was not just being “reactive” to the media, he was reacting to Nancy Pelosi launching another Dem spin attack, with her “Trump cover-up” hit, before heading to the White House yesterday. Haberman and the mainstream media sell the Dem spin constantly. The mainstream media loyally ran with the Schumer/Pelosi version of the White House meeting and Trump’s behavior and they repeated Pelosi’s spin “Trump covered-up” over and over and over last night. The “mainstream media” is really the Dem’s spin chorus. They attack Fox News as Trump’s “state TV”, but they don’t see that they do the same thing with running the Dems spin talking points. Just like FOX News peeps see only the mainstream media “bias” against Trump. Both sides are engaged in waging spin attacks.

I finished stitching this a couple days ago and haven’t washed and pressed it yet. It’s from a Leisure Arts leaflet, Scriptures of Thanksgiving. This design, with no fractional stitches, worked well on 14-count Aida cloth, which I have a lot of and am trying to use up.

Besides my daily housework/ caregiver chores and my blogging and tweeting today, I want to work on stitching another Christmas pattern. Sometime soon I need to start working on turning some of these stitched pieces into actual Christmas ornaments… Following the spin war or needlework… Needlework is the winner in my book, lol.

Have a nice day!

Blog note: I apologize for the twitter repeats, but WordPress has a new editing program called “blocks” and I am just learning how to use it.

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