A few bits of politics

There’s currently a deluge of reports and other information pertaining to the endless Trump-Russia mess, the Steele dossier mess, and assorted other matters in Washington. It’s hard to even keep track of all of these reports and the information, let alone find time to read through all of it.

There are various audio versions of the Mueller report available to purchase and this week Congressional Dems are doing a public reading of the Mueller report. However, I located a free version of the Mueller report on Stitcher, that’s broken down into chapters and you can pick and choose what parts you want to listen to or slowly work your way through the entire report. Here’s the link: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/mueller-report-audio. I’ll listen to some of some of this, but after reading a bit of it, the part that interests me the most is Volume I – the Russian activities and national security aspect of this. The Volume II obstruction part will end up being both a #Resist political and spin hyped melodrama and I’m sick to death of the 2016 spin reruns.

A couple days ago, Congressman Doug Collins released 9 more transcripts of House Oversight interviews of Obama officials, including interview of Loretta Lynch, Andrew McCabe and James Rybicki. Here’s the link to those transcripts: https://dougcollins.house.gov/transparency?utm_source=Collins+Judiciary+Press+List&utm_campaign=7040e314eb-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_05_17_03_29&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_ff92df788e-7040e314eb-169041553

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