Glass Houses

Today I watched Attorney General, Bill Barr, testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee while I was working on another cross-stitch Christmas ornament:

This is a greeting card kit, that I bought on clearance at Walmart years ago.  I worked there for close to 15 years, holding various positions, including the department manager of the fabrics and crafts department.  My co-workers in that department were always urging me to buy clearance stuff that was sitting there and not selling.  They would tell me how crafty I was and how I would use it.  It has never taken much encouragement to get me to buy craft and needlework stuff, so the blame is mine, not theirs, lol.  I am stitching this using an old mat from a photo frame, because I learned this helpful hint, for stitching on small pieces of fabric, online at a cross-stitch blog.  It’s easy to use masking tape to tape the fabric to the mat, stitch up the piece, then pull off the masking take and it avoids embroidery hoop marks like this:

I stitched this one a week ago and used my 4″ inch hoop.  It still has masking tape on it, which I  use on the edges of my Aida to prevent fraying while I stitch, because it’s quick and easy.

Now, to the hearing.

The Dems and some anti-Trump members of the Mueller team appear to have coordinated their efforts to smear Barr in this hearing.

That was my main takeaway.

There was a leak to the NY Times yesterday quoting information that had to come from members of Mueller’s team:


This hearing was intended to be just another spin stage for Dem Senators to work hard to enact their spin message soliloquies and grandstanding theatrics, in hopes of capturing news media oxygen and help Dems win the spin cycle.

There were cringe-worthy moments on both sides of the aisle, but the scale definitely tipped on the Dem side, with the disgraceful, prepared smear delivered by Senator Hirono taking the prize for most vile political hack attack of the day.

Alas, the Dems are in panic mode, because finally the investigative lens will be turning to the Clinton/Obama peeps corrupt antics in 2016.  It’s amazing that, finally, the Steele dossier and the 2016 Clinton/Obama administration corruption are now grabbing headlines in mainstream media. because it feels like I’ve been saying this a long, long time: 2016 Russian Collusion Count.

Sadly, America has been living with a corrupt “mainstream” (liberal) media that has been the willing “amplifier” and “enforcer” of Dem spin messaging since the 90s.  Trump disrupted and broke through the Dems’ and the “mainstream” media’s  control of spin messaging.  Since 2016, the American media serves as the battlefield for this scorched earth spin information war, littered with everything from nuclear level media smear campaigns to annihilate Trump, to bizarre frenzied  guerilla Twitter spin attacks by Trump, to now the Dems, with Hillary leading the charge, are engaged in a spin carpet bombing mission in the media.

Hillary and the Dems are working to regroup after the Mueller report fizzled as a spin weapon to take down Trump.  Their new spin message carpet bombing effort includes smear attacks on Barr, to destroy his credibility and rally their media minions to following along.  Top Obama peeps and the Clintons know the forthcoming IG report will open many top Obama officials to some serious public scrutiny of their corrupt efforts to weaponize the Obama DOJ, FBI and intelligence to target Trump in 2016.  They need Barr, and hence the forthcoming IG report preemptively discredited, and most of all they need the mainstream media convinced they are the victims, Trump is still evil and this IG report, due to Barr, is merely… another witch hunt against the Clintons.

Hillary was on Rachel Maddow’s show Wednesday night, playing the “I was robbed” victim again, as she rallied rabid Dems against Bill Barr (and Trump).

I’m sick to death of partisans, on both sides.

It’s awful for most of America that our small tribes of the Washington and media “inside” crowd, long to be America’s political rainmakers. These political movers and shakers live in their own partisan glass houses and hobnob exclusively within their own elite villages, listening to only their own circle of rabid partisans.  Most of America is the real victim of boths sides of partisans and foreign info war efforts, subjecting the rest of America to 24/7 agitation propaganda, all to “win” news media spin cycles (control media information in America) and hopefully win the larger culture war.  The end game is to maintain political control of America, by totally marginalizing dissenting political opinions, by using  massive media “influence operations” (sophisticated information warfare).  The ultimate target is manipulating the hearts and minds of the American people.

Today, the NY Times also ran another spin effort, this one from James Comey, who will assuredly be going through a lot more public scrutiny before the 2016 corruption – on both sides – is ever put to rest.  Comey, who views himself as Mr. Integrity, decided to try a preemptive spin move to attack Barr’s integrity, because Comey knows the investigations and spin winds are now shifting to the Obama administration actions in 2016, in which he was a key player.  Comey may be a brilliant man, but his political instincts and timing are clunky at best.  He has a tin ear to how his words sound and resonate.

This  Comey op-ed effort to impugn Barr’s actions and character comes across as pure deflection.  Comey appears to be sharing spin notes with top Clinton/Obama peeps, who are trying to destroy Barr’s reputation with a full-frontal preemptive spin attack… before the IG investigation into their 2016 actions start being made public.

Comey is another Washington insider who lives in a fragile glass house.

I’ve been busy with my everyday stuff caring for my husband and my home. I am online less and working on things like my counted cross-stitch more.  The rest of this post is crafting junk.

Here’s a box of cross-stitch and some needlepoint kits I pulled out of a large plastic container in the garage, as projects I want to work on stitching.  Some I’ve had since the mid-90s:

These are photos from the past few weeks:


This cute bunny Walmart clearance kit is from 2000.  I know this, because I have two more of these bunny kits with different bunnies and one has the year stitched on the picture.


I stitched the kitten in the stocking pattern above and this teddy bear pattern from a Leisure Arts leaflet from 1997:

This leaflet has very cute Christmas patterns.

I bought two 5X7 inch cross-stitch kits at Joann’s last year, when my husband was in the hospital.  Here’s one that I stitched up recently:


Plus, I have a few other larger cross-stitch pieces that I’m working on too, but working on stitching some small Christmas projects and making them into ornaments is my focus at the moment.  My cross-stitch is way more interesting than this endless, destructive, vile scorched earth spin information war.

May 2, 2019, 10:57 am – I apologize for all the editing and rewrites on this post. I rushed writing it last night and between terrible writing and a lot of afterthoughts, I keep reworking this post.

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