Happy Easter!

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4 responses to “Happy Easter!

  1. JK

    Think I may’ve told you LB I’m on the GAO ‘list-server’?

    Anyway just now I noticed something that might be of some interest/assistance to you. I don’t know a thing about the program personally but when I do find myself in need of further Arkansas has, in every single county, a Veteran’s Services Officer (in my county conveniently in the Federal Bldg – of course my county’s population is highly un-likely to have near the same population [and thus, busy office] as your’s).

    Figure you’ve already got it covered but … well you know LB …


    Program title’s [apparently] “Family Caregiver Program.”

    • Thanks JK, I did the paperwork for that and had the doctor fill out his portion and submitted it – it was denied, said not enough information was provided by the doctor and I’m not messing with the VA any more than I have to. Everything with them takes years, not months.

      We can pay the bills and so far with Tricare Prime, we can handle the medical stuff. We are near an Army facility and have access to the outpatient pharmacy for our medications. The VA will cover hospitalization costs, if you file the claims within, I think the VA lady said 72 hours of being hospitalized. So anything that Tricare doesn’t cover, we can file the claim with the VA. I’m not sure if you have to be 100% disabled for that, but I know my husband qualified for that the VA lady told us.

  2. JK

    Reads like you’ve got it handled as best abled LB. Mine, though just nearabout everything VA is “kinda complicated” by, among other stuff, meteorology school and, ostensibly, ‘civilian service’ (people have gotten so used to satellites weather warnings they’ve no clue). Anyway there was once a time … oh heck I forgot .. it wasn’t Eisenhower “successed D-Day” it was a meteorologist.

    Carry on My Friend.

  3. JK

    Sent just now:

    “Honorable Sirs Senator[s], Congressman So & So:

    This evening I read courtesy of MSN something supposedly appearing in “our newspaper of record.”

    To wit: “It effectively strips the Agency of its most critical power: choosing which secrets it shares and which ones remain hidden.” [NYT]

    Now all y’all Honorable Sirs enjoying some Arkansas Experience realize in your roots, as I do, that’s … oh how do I put this so y’alls staffs won’t be offended … “horse biscuits”? Yeah that’s it, the Grey Lady is putting out horse biscuits that’re soon to appear on the chyron lines nightly on cable tv. Prominently this Memorial Day Sunday I expect.

    Fellows (I say very deliberately) that ‘horse-biscuit “stuff” requires all y’all Honorable Sirs’ getting out in front of this thing – It’s obvious even from the cheap seats our vaunted and esteemed “Rule of Law” went, to borrow another Arkansas Experience expression – “Haywire.”

    Fellows, I don’t know y’all fully appreciate how it’s seen from the cheap seats but my expectation is it can be smelled east of _______ county to Great Britain to Australia. And all points in between. Maybe even on Easter Island.

    Respectfully [JK]”


    Something else I happened upon today LB:


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