Another lamentation about our Spin Information War

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This post is just another lament about our endless spin information war, that’s tearing America apart.  There’s nothing new in this post, but it’s what’s on my mind this morning.

Living in a culture where the information we receive is controlled by mass media generated spin information warriors, waging full-throated media battles over words, truly decimates critical thinking skills.   It also totally corrupts the people who engage in this spin war.

Yesterday, during Congressional testimony attorney general, Bill Barr, uttered the word “spying”, referring to the, well, spying, on the Trump campaign, that took place in 2016, during the midst of a presidential race.  Barr stated a team is investigating, to determine if the surveillance of the Trump campaign was predicated on sound intelligence and established policies.

A “mainstream” (liberal) media and Dem politician outrage spin cycle erupted over Barr’s use of the word spying.  Along with the demands that Barr recant, the mainstream media, along with many Dem. politicians, began a media character assassination effort to destroy Barr.  They are out to destroy Barr’s personal credibility and preemptively discredit any negative findings that may emerge.

The Dems and mainstream media engage in these orchestrated character assassination efforts, to personally destroy anyone, whom they deem a heretic, based on something that person said that challenges their control of the media spin or the political threat they feel that person represents.

It wasn’t enough to express disagreement with Barr’s use of the word spying, instead the Dems and mainstream media launched an all-out smear effort to discredit Barr, so that whatever facts that might emerge from this investigation of spying on the Trump campaign will be rejected by the mainstream media and denounced as a partisan witch hunt… again.

Trump borrowed the Clinton spin information warfare tactics, except he does not rely on political operatives to hone his spin messaging and to disseminate it to the media for amplification.  Trump crafts his own spin messaging and engages with the mainstream media and Dem spinners directly, with his one-man show ad hominem attacks on Twitter or impromptu press skirmishes.

Despite its lack of sophistication, Trump’s spin word games do corrupt people, just as much as the Dems’ carefully crafted deceptive word games do.

All sense of decency and proportionality in reactions fly out the window in spin information warfare, where grossly misleading and downright dishonest information control the information battlefield (our American media platforms).

Spin is a ruthless mass media information warfare strategy.  That is the truth.

Spin corrupts, not only our politics, with the incendiary word battles 24/7, it corrupts everyone who participates in it.

The mainstream media and Dems want to destroy Barr’s credibility, to preemptively neutralize any negative findings the team investigating the spying on the Trump campaign may uncover.

Stepping back from the legalisms, here’s the reality check on spin and those who embrace using spin information warfare – spin corrupts everyone.

Spin distorts perceptions, it deliberately shades the truth in deceptive language and calculated word games.

Spin radicalizes people into hostile partisan camps.

Spin is designed to divide our country into seething enemy camps.

While Trump’s spin tactics lack the verbal sophistication of the Dem’s  and media’s carefully crafted messaging, it does serve to often hijack the spin cycle and dominate the spin battlefield.  Who can control the spin is all that “winning” is in America politics.

Spin information warfare is antithetical to American free speech principles.

The more spin messaging you listen to, the more it clouds rational thinking.  By design, spin messaging is meant to incite people, to push people to buy into rushed, prepackaged spin judgments and most ominous, it repetitively repeats politically packaged slogans and rhetoric (mass media brainwashing).

All of those who engage in waging spin information warfare and,  even those who listen to it, become corrupted.

Spin corrupts people and it clouds rational thinking. 

Spin information warfare incites people to become reactionary thinkers and to make rushed judgments.

That is the truth.

Spin information warfare sows the seeds of American division and partisan hatred.

That is the truth.

I’ve said all of this so many times, but I felt like saying it again this morning.  I’ll be spending some time today on stitching away on the cute Russian dolls cross-stitch piece.

It’s a waste of time even writing about spin information war, when our political class, both left and right, and our media  refuse to even recognize they are participating in a dangerous form of mass media information war, designed to tear America apart.

We are sowing the seeds of our own destruction.



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9 responses to “Another lamentation about our Spin Information War

  1. JK

    A blast from the past:

    Whatever else I might presume to advise Mr. Schindler do, the one thing I will not is, take up poultry husbandry.

    • Well, JK, I have no following on Twitter, no inside connections, no intel training, but hopefully, I still have some common sense and I think that’s what’s lacking with too many of these media “experts”.

      Schindler fell victim to living inside a hermetically sealed spin bubble, listening only to his select group of “intel insiders” (so he claimed), who were feeding him hot takes on Trump/Russia collusion.

      Too many of them get caught up in listening to only their own small circle of “experts” and they talk themselves further and further toward spin cliffs… sadly, like lemmings, many of them leap over these spin cliffs…

      Once you “believe” Trump is guilty of being “a Russian agent”, you will grasp at any media spin to prop that up and Schindler has believed this since the very beginning of the Dem #Resist effort, based on his “intel friends telling him hot insider info”, as he often tweets. He also went into tweeting frenzies buying into the Dem spin effort to stop Trump’s inauguration in 2017… and he’s jumped on board many of the other Dem spin efforts to destroy Trump…

      Being of a NeverTrump/NeverHillary mindset, I’ve tried to focus on trying to analyze the spin messaging, our domestic spin war, the foreign influence operations (which often feed into both sides of our domestic spin war) and the corruption on all sides, which seems the only sane path forward. Assuming any side in this mess is on the side of the angels, assures you’ll end up falling for someone’s spin media influence operations, I think.

      I am hoping to get a blog post written soon, btw. It’s just hard to focus on writing these days and I am sick to death of the spin info war blazing across the media. The mainstream media is an endless #Resist effort and a good deal of what’s on FOX News sounds like bizarre propaganda efforts playing to an audience of one at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. It often looks like the prime time lineup on FOX is competing to get Trump’s attention, even though from his tweets and outbursts, Trump is often watching his old friends on MSNBC and CNN, lol.

      • JK

        Heh heh LB.

        Actually … I had that bookmarked on an old[ish] document file I’d saved from, beginning quite awhile back, to a flashdrive I’d, from time to time added to onto this newish computer I’d got myself when ‘I lost’ access to the uhm … ‘computer I used to have’ … Anyway I’d saved quite alot of stuff onto this flashdrive always adding to and hardly ever bothering to delete (indeed ever going back to the beginning of) stuff from.

        “Assuming any side in this mess is on the side of the angels, assures you’ll end up falling for someone’s spin media influence operations, I think.”

        Well LB, earlier this evening somebody else hit me up to ‘go back and view predictions [on this current mess]’ which I did – And guess what I perchanced to do? … I scrolled down to the very beginning of that [all unclassified] document I’d added to from, beginning with the “Syria Expert” (which nobody realized at the time but the digging was beginning) and noting ‘a little tiff’ whichin A Friend of Mine apparently put a comment or two to a supposed “expert” crying crocodile tears over people not simply accepting as Gospel “The Word of Experts” much anymore.

        That Friend, initially, had feelings hurt but then … quite apparently got pissed. Had to do with something a purported friend of Mr. Schindler’s … Tom Somebody as I recall, typed up matter-of-factly admonishing his lessers they’d [we’d] be better off just simply accepting everything “Experts Say.”

        And the rest is History. Or maybe … Preamble.

        Well … alot of what I’ve just typed is.

        Far as I can tell lately the Syria Expert is lost to history.

        For the better to my way of thinking.

      • JK, I never bothered to check where a Syria Expert went to work when McCain died. Wonder who she’s working for now?

        As to the Tom Somebody. well, you mentioned his blog or something, I seem to recall and I posted a comment, which put his nose out of joint and I think he blocked my comments there. Then on Twitter, I wasn’t (and still am not) Twitter savvy, so one night, long ago, I posted a comment on his Twitter account, citing the FBI Notes about Obama using a private gmail account. Some person responded to my comment claiming my information was untrue. This began a back and forth, where I kept referring to the FBI Notes (with page number). Unbeknownst to me, Tom Somebody was included in this back and forth, because I didn’t realize I had to unselected him from this back and forth with this other person.

        Tom Somebody blocked me on Twitter After my experience commenting on his blog, this Twitter block seemed like deja vu all over again. So, I can’t see his tweets or comments on them. How I will be able to assess the world’s happening without his “expertise”, I just don’t know…

        I don’t get upset or lose any sleep over my lack of “popularity” on social media… good thing too, considering I am down to 51 followers on Twitter and my blog has remained a backwoods effort, at best.

  2. JK

    I don’t reckon LB, if the cause is anything/anywho other than what you got going on as I know – you lose sleep at all.

    Matter of fact I pray you’re getting more sleep than I figure you probably are.

    You just do as you can.

  3. JK

    Read this first LB!

    Thinking about the comment I put on your current post minutes ago – I think it best you leave it in moderation or, best practice, keep it from posting altogether. Listen to it of course but, delete it off that post completely.

    Because, as I wrote myself earlier in the day, digest before making any proclamation.

    I got carried away simply because it was Andrew McCarthy. Evenso him, I ought have had the sense to place it down here in the older posts.

    My bad.

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