Stitching Hacks… or something like that

I needed a break from the SPIN info war today – so sick of the FOX crap show… Very pathetic and it will fall apart quickly if they have to run more aggressive agitprop. It’s already looking very bizarro. But hey, agitpropeteers are going, to um, well agitprop,lol.  Every time I walk out in the sun room to check on my husband,  I laugh at this effort. My husband reacts to all of their agitprop salvos – I can tell when a new one launches, because I can hear him swearing at the TV about damned liberals trying to take our guns, immigration hysteria, and on and on.

Thank God, he is doing what I advised him to do, take some FOX breaks and listen to some country music. Yes, we do manage to get some peace here, when he turns off the FOX agitprop incitement.

I started working on another tissue box cover – same easy quilt block patterns. This one is the same old arrowhead pattern for one side. Not too sure of my color choices.  Too pastel?  This one will have to be for a little girl I think – maybe one of my oldest daughter’s foster daughters.  I still have several children’s plastic canvas projects that I need to get done.

Oh, I found this pink spooled yarn at Hobby Lobby.  $1.39 for 20 yards, which in plastic canvas projects goes a long ways – it’s an option to consider rather than buying full skeins of yarn for projects, where you don’t need a lot of one color.

If you buy a full skein of yarn, of which you only need a small amount, you will have a lot of extra yarn sitting there.  Crafting options in buying yarn for craft projects, I think, depend on whether you’re trying to acquire a variety of yarn colors, so you have them on hand for future projects or if this project is a one-time effort.  I used to advise my customers, when I was a department manager in a fabrics and crafts department, that you really need to decide what kind of crafter or stitcher you are.  Are you just planning to do this one project or are you planning to really throw yourself into this type of craft or needlework medium?

Let me assure, Craft Hoarding is real, LOL.

It’s very easy to want to buy everything when you start a new type of crafting or needlework endeavor.  Take some deep breaths between craft shopping sprees.  Start thinking about how much crafting stuff is “enough” and when you start to see the craft piles beginning to grow, here’s my craft hoarding advice.  Stop watching more YouTube crafting and needlework videos, because you will see a zillion more things that you want to rush out and buy.  Start organizing your craft and needlework supplies (yes, heal thyself here for me – because mine still needs a lot of work).

I have probably 6 or 8 packs of homecraft needles.  Over the years, because my craft and sewing room looks more like an episode of Hoarders, than an organized work space, when I find myself needing just one particular needle in that pack  (a curved needle, which I use very occasionally, like when I am repairing the wool-blend braided rugs in my kitchen), when I do need one, often after a half-hour of looking through bags, boxes, totes and baskets of disorganized supplies, I usually just give up and run to Walmart and buy another pack of homecraft needles.

This yarn says it is made in Turkey and although it is 100% acrylic craft yarn, it sort of has a “wool yarn” feel to it.  I didn’t know how it would go as far as coverage, but it works fine and can be used with other acrylic yarns.  Well, ya know… leave it to Turkey to produce a 100% acrylic yarn that looks, really, much like quality wool yarn, lol…


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4 responses to “Stitching Hacks… or something like that

  1. JK

    You needn’t LB, advise, “Craft Hoarding is real” I’m here to tell ya.

    Back a couple Octobers the girlfriend and I entered an agreement with some friends of our’s that, in exchange for us doing some remodeling at our cost, all we’d pay cash to them would just be the mortgage payments. (Meaning just for clarity’s sake – the electric, trash, and water would be tit for tat).

    The wife of the couple who owns the house suggested we might fix the “extra” bedroom up and move my Mom in. (All efforts to persuade my Mom of anything she didn’t originate herself I guess through the years I forgot, are destined to fall by the wayside).

    And so the extra bedroom is now stacked (plastic bins) floor to ceiling with “crafting projects.” There’s barely space for one person to navigate to any particular bin nevermind the both of us.

    I suppose at the end of my previous sentence woulda been the appropriate place to insert an “lol” but somehow …

  2. My great-grandmother, a quilter, had a closet off her living room, filled with boxes of fabric scraps she acquired working in a garment factory. I was her go-to girl to dig through that closet to find the color fabrics she wanted for her quilts. I was also her go-to girl to trace trace the patterns on the fabric and cut out her quilt pieces.

    Working at Walmart for almost 15 years, buying tons of clearance fabric,I’ve “recreated my great-grandmother’s fabric closet… Except mine is large plastic totes, in the closet in my sewing room and I think I have at least a dozen more of those 30 gallon totes filled with fabric in the garage.

    The kicker is I suck at quilting;-) But on the bright side, my fabric totes are all sorted by color and some are seasonal fabric…. The miracle is I even have all of those totes labelled.;-)

  3. Virginia Anderson

    This is only a test
    (If it takes, allow me to say I enjoy your writing very much. Great work!)

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