Happy Valentine’s Day



Happy Valentine’s Day!  No politics today, except to report that Debbie Wasserman Schultz must be the bimbo to beat all bimbos in America…  worthy of banners across the bottom of the screen to warn you , so you can prepare yourself…  Good, God, Almighty…

I had another allergy shot this morning.  There’s a required half-hour wait after these shots, so I sit in this small waiting area, near where they administer the shots at a local Army hospital.  So, I’m sitting there trying to block out some Congressional hearing that is playing on the TV, tuned to C-Span, then DWS speaks…  Anyway, rather than go on, here’s the link to the C-Span hearing and I’ll let you judge for yourself: HERE.

Quiet day here, with my big plans to get off this computer and go bake more chocolate chip cookies for my husband.  He asked if I could make him more cookies yesterday afternoon, so I ran to my local Walmart Neighborhood Market store to get more cookie ingredients… as usual, just after getting back from a trip to that store, for some other stuff.   He loves chocolate chip cookies, correction, he loves homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Did I ever mention, why I am getting allergy shots?  My husband has 4 dogs that sit with him in the sunroom and they are his only company.   He has made taking care of the dogs his daily work, invests way more money than anyone should in their vet care, with three of them being on several medications.  A lot of days, I believe those dogs are the only thing that keep him getting up each day and having the will to go on.  He doesn’t have any friends who come to visit him and because he has a mental disorder, people avoid him.  He started drooling sometimes too.  His short-term memory loss is profound, yet he still sits every day and tries to read books, because he has always loved to read.

I am allergic to dogs, so I decided to try the allergy shots, because the dogs aren’t leaving.  I started last September.  Honestly, I think they’re starting to help too:-)

Have a nice afternoon!


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2 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. JK

    Stick with the allergy shots LB!

    Back when I was a very wee lad (1959) Dad put in a Request for Transfer from Great Lakes to … Anywhere that was warmer/drier. I’d had three (I still have the request and the very first page of my VA records sports a copy) “bouts of pneumonia.” My earliest memory is espying my parents through the translucent walls of an oxygen tent.

    Skip forward some eight years to find my Dad taking me down to an allergy testing clinic where the people made “a bunch” of incisions into the skin of my back followed up by smearing a bunch of “irritants” into the cuts. Family lore tells me I had reactions to 144 of whatever the number in total of the individual test-allegens. (This was before Benedryl lotion – I think – ’cause all I manage to personally recall was some mighty fierce itching all the way and into the night after the drive back home!)

    There followed a twice per week for eight years regimen of allergy shots. Good thing Dad was an MD because I imagine that coulda bankrupted my family had Dad been say, a lawyer who didn’t follow up by going to Washington DC!

    I credit the allergy shots for allowing me the opportunity to follow my Dad’s footsteps. At least the US Navy part (*sadly not the MD part) … I guess I ought add Dad was enlisted through WWII and Korea then medical school in time for ‘Nam.

    I pray you had a good Happy Valentine’s Day LB.

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