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Here’s a worthwhile opinion piece in the WSJ by Daniel Hoffman:The Steele Dossier Fits the Kremlin Playbook. The WSJ lists Hoffman’s bio as: “retired chief of station with the Central Intelligence Agency who served in the former Soviet Union, is vice president of SPG, a political consulting group in Washington”.

This is a very alarming Washington Post story about a fitness app that inadvertently identified U.S. soldiers’ locations in war zones, like Iraq: U.S. Soldiers are Revealing Sensitive and Dangerous Information – by Jogging.

I decided to add a comment about the WSJ linked opinion piece.  The WSJ piece above reminded me that Russians, since 1919, have followed an aggressive divide and conquer strategy with trying to destabilize the West.   Imagine Russians intelligence being handed this opportunity of the Clinton campaign funding a former British intelligence agent to dig up information in Russia on Trump’s Russian collusion and around the same time a Republican operative, Peter Smith, contacted a British security firm, to hire them to try to locate Russian operatives and try to buy Hillary’s emails, which the Republican operative was convinced the Russians had obtained from her private email server.

Funny how the Steele dossier is always presented by the media as an effort to uncover Trump’s nefarious “Russian collusion”, when in fact, the dossier is just a pile of salacious dirt to smear Trump.  The Republican operative’s effort to buy Hillary’s emails, however is presented as dastardly Trump “Russian collusion”, when actually it appears the DNC-connected law firm hired Steele to dig up dirt on Trump before Smith tried to hire a British security firm to buy Hillary’s emails from the Russians.

Both political parties were involved in trying to dig up dirt from Russian sources, using British operatives as the middleman.

The FBI treated the Democrat’s effort and Steele’s dossier as information worth investigating the Trump campaign for nefarious “Russian collusion”, while the Republican operative’s effort was cast as evidence of Trump’s treasonous “Russian collusion”.  Both campaigns efforts were highly corrupt in my opinion, although probably not illegal.  This highly partisan way of viewing the same conduct permeates both how the mainstream media reports the news and even how the FBI determines what is worth investigating.

The Russians must be laughing at us…



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6 responses to “Just a couple links

  1. JK

    “… it appears the DNC-connected law firm hired Steele to dig up dirt on Trump before Smith tried to hire a British security firm …”

    Let me just say first LB, I’d prefer to wait and see what Mueller comes up with but, I’m generally of the opinion that there’s some credible allegations the first ties were via The Washington Free Beacon to remove Trump from the Republican’s field.

    Still … it’s beginning to become ever clearer you were “in the gold” where the Clinton Machine’s creating this latest campaign scheme is concerned.

    Scorched Earth?

    In spades LB.

    (The Brits do have a habit of “helping along” our process though – the Zimmermann Telegram for just one instance.)

    • “(The Brits do have a habit of “helping along” our process though – the Zimmermann Telegram for just one instance.)”

      Yep, they do.

      Still miles to go with this political soap opera. Trump is his own worst enemy, so if he hasn’t committed some crime in regards to campaign “Russian collusion”, then it would be disastrous for him to talk to Mueller’s investigators. He would assuredly lie about something, because about every other sentence is a lie (about like Bill Clinton with that, but much less savvy about it). Then there’s the issue of whether he asked anyone to lie to Mueller’s investigators or tampered with witnesses.

      Absent some crime undergirding this, just firing Comey is a weak thread for the Dems to use to patch together an impeachment based on obstruction of justice case, since Comey told Trump 3 times he wasn’t under investigation & Comey leaked those FBI Notes to create media pressure as cover for Rosenstein to appoint a special counsel. And the President has the absolute power to fire the FBI director. If there’s no crime he committed in regards to the Russia investigation, hard to make the case he was trying to cover-up one. Many “ifs” still need to be answered.

      Lots of miles to go with this never ending 2016 scorched earth battle – the Clinton/Obama peeps will never rest until Trump is destroyed and besides that they’ve got a lot of corruption of their own to keep contained. And Trump is still a loose cannon.

      • JK

        ” … it would be disastrous for him to talk to Mueller’s investigators.”

        Yep, it sure would.


        “Then there’s the issue of whether he asked anyone to lie to Mueller’s investigators”

        I rather doubt it. Not directly at any rate, of course there’re the reports of the ranting and fuming (unsourced except for maybe the Bannon book stuff but that guy looks to me to be doing a fair Donna Brazile impersonation) so some might’ve been “influenced” maybe. The weak I’d say and generally speaking, those types don’t make the best witnesses.

        As for the other guys (and gals?) who appear to be around him a bunch, Generals Kelly, Mattis, and that there McMaster – I think they’d likely tender resignations were it even intimated: at least I hope so.

        “Lots of miles to go”

        Yep. Regrettably.

  2. JK

    My mind’s been boggled at all the twists and turns LB, and events of course but, the WaPo seems to’ve confirmed my memory:

    “The dossier was produced by Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer who had been hired by Fusion GPS, a Washington opposition research firm. Fusion had been hired by political actors to research Donald Trump — first, the conservative media outlet Washington Free Beacon, and then, before Steele was brought on board, Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee.”


    Here’s Schindler again – of course that was then:


    • Woke up and it’s 3:24 am in the morning. Thanks JK, I just read that Schindler piece. The Dems and mainstream media went full hysterical spin last night over McCabe resigning at the FBI, but while watching the spin battle on Twitter, I noticed a few tweets from some Trump-friendly reporters, suggesting that a soon to be released DOJ IG investigation of the FBI contains information that McCabe altered some FBI 302 interview notes. Have no idea if this is accurate. The murmuring was that Wray, the new FBI director, has already seen this IG report & asked McCabe to resign. Awaiting more information there for sure.

      I wonder if Senator Grassley’s assertion that Comey’s leaked FBI notes, which Comey leaked through his friend (who now claims he’s Comey’s lawyer), contained classified information. I wonder if that’s true and if it is, wonder if that friend/lawyer had a security clearance.

      Even though I can’t stomach Trump, he was legally elected. I believe in defending The Constitution, no matter what.

      • JK

        Thank God I got somebody reliable I can look to for what’s happening in the Twitterverse. I am corresponding with my Representative sits on the Intel Cmte but I can truly complain … well “complain” isn’t exactly the word you know but I’m on my first coffee … anyway, he isn’t exactly a gusher of reliable Twitter information. He did follow that oily Mr. Shiff on Anderson Cooper yesterday though so I guess I ought cut him a little slack.

        “Strictly speaking” (at least as I think the civil arm pretty much, mirrors the mil arm where classified info is concerned) because Mr. Comey transferred “his remembrances” onto a gov laptop fairly immediately following the purported WH meet, any transfer of those remembrances required – pre-transmission to a third party (his testimony as I recall paraphrased, “to a friend from Columbia law school” had to first, “be reviewed by competent authorities in order to determine” – which step, during his televised testimony he failed (to the best of my memory) to mention.

        I think, had I done something similar a decade or so ago or, you’d had available a smart-phone during your time in the silo and done anything like that, our outcomes would have been decidedly different.

        I’d guess we could ask Reality Winner.


        Last night I re-read Schindler’s take on the dossier and clicked the link he referenced by, “even though the essential outline of how it came to be is already clear.” Landing me on:


        Which, subsequent revelations would make appear oh, “somewhat distorted” mebbe?

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