Another Obama national security fail

This is an important story: Report claims Dutch intel alerted U.S. to Russian DNC hacking

John Schindler wrote a piece on this story that’s worth reading: Dutch Report Reveals Obama Administration Knew About Russian Hacking in Real Time

It is amazing that the Obama administration did nothing to thwart the Russians cyber warfare and only after the 2016 election, finally imposed sanctions.  This makes the Dem Russia hysteria so hypocritical.

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One response to “Another Obama national security fail

  1. JK

    “Amazing” yes it is LB, and the “Dem hysteria so hypocritical” too.

    Back to Schindler (October 2016):

    “Part of the reason things have gotten so bad is that the media has been derelict. Out of a desire to not speak ill of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, while covering for Democrats generally, the mainstream media has shied away from serious investigation to what’s happened to the FBI since 2009. As a result, the public is learning only near the end of Obama’s second term what a politicized mess the Bureau has actually become. None of this bodes well for our democracy or the rule of law.”

    Let us pray Mr. Mueller’s efforts succeed initiating much needed reform.

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