A couple links

Andrew McCarthy at National Review wrote an interesting piece on the Russian/NRA connection: Collusion 3-0: Russia and the NRA

McCarthy details the Trump/Russian collusion narrative and how so far that narrative keeps imploding, despite Democrats and the mainstream media maintaining over a yearlong stream of hysterical spin.  McCarthy also points out the larger point that keeps getting lost in the rabid partisan battle – we really do need to investigate and figure out the extent of Russian infiltration of American institutions.  By so politicizing Russian information warfare efforts in 2016 and turning it into a domestic partisan issue, it’s going to be very hard to even understand the full scope of the Russian efforts and even harder to defeat them.  The Russians will easily continue to manipulate and egg on the rabid American partisans.

On Twitter this morning, I came across this Weekly Standard piece on immigration that’s worth a read too: Why America Needs People from ‘Shithole’ Countries


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6 responses to “A couple links

  1. JK

    Heh … you very nearly had that link posted on the below.

    What got me was Mr. McCarthy’s

    “Collusion Reclamation Project.”

  2. Yep, he sure loves laying out the damning timelines. One can only ponder how much of Obama’s official business as president was conducted using his private gmail account. And then one wonders if the holier-than-thou trio, Comey, Brennan and Clapper, ever bothered to check to see if Obama’s private gmail was hacked into…

    Saint Comey of Mount Extremely Careless is busy these days teaching a class on ethical leadership, while Clapper and Brennan pontificate on cable news about how perfectly national security was handled during the Obama years…

    • JK

      I think maybe those “timelines” are likely a relic from his days earning his crusts as a federal prosecutor.

      I am very happy though he avoided the usual glide-path transitioning from there to here otherwise, I at least, perhaps many many more wouldn’t be enjoying his unique turn of phrase so much with his “going rogue” by turning up as the Gem of a Journalist rather than just another politician.

      Otherwise – I wouldn’t been able to make a lick of sense outta the comings and goings shenanigans-wise that the other guys and gals of Washington DC have been entertaining/barraging us with this last decade.

  3. JK

    As I had occasion LB to, revisit something I was middling familiar with in order to fetch a link for argument (D&N) I thought perhaps you too, albeit from another angle, might find interesting our Congress of yesteryear seems today eerily prescient where FISA is concerned. Page 6:

    Click to access 10320.pdf

    But then again, page 7 might be the more relevant here.

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