Curiouser and curiouser…

A few Russian information warfare news tidbits caught my attention:

Russian troll describes work in the infamous misinformation factory

Fusion GPS Glenn Simpson: Russians ‘infiltrated the NRA’

Trump-Russia inquiry is told Nigel Farage may have given Julian Assange data

It’s obvious that the investigations into Trump/Russian collusion, the Clinton/GPS Fusion/FBI, and the 2016 mass media information war are not going to end soon.



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6 responses to “Curiouser and curiouser…

  1. JK

    Off our usual topics LB but while it’s on my mind (early morning pee) last night my girlfriend and I watched and in this guy’s manner of speaking Sharon suggested, “that guy sorta talks like you do” … and now for some reason I thought, “Well maybe LB …”

    Now I return to bed.

    • Thanks, JK, I’ve been up since around 3 am – can’t sleep well taking this prednisone -( doc insisted on a 12-day tapered dose thingy rather than the 6 day, ackkk). My right eye is still pretty stuck – am supposed to wear an eye patch on it when I sleep to prevent it drying out & causing ulcers. He said with this Bell’s palsy it won’t close tight when I am sleeping – weird experience for sure… I’ll listen to that – I am sick of the scorched earth SPIN war & looking for diversions;-)

      • JK

        Well LB, “in another life” diversions was one of the bigger tools in my toolbag (and if you’ve ever seen a construction electrician’s toolbag you noticed they carry a lotta different tools? … I think I mentioned to you sometimes I needed “a cover” and the electrician bidness [and oil stuff] often fit the bill?)

        As I can I try to always watch C-Span’s Q&A and (though I won’t be betting against you) I’d wager if there’s anybody sicker than I am of the scorched earth crap I’m not aware of ’em.

        Remember your New Year’s Resolution? “Other stuff” to post on?


        Watch that predisone my friend – that’s one of the drugs “helped” my sister. Not saying that it wasn’t the best and necessary in the earliest of days but it did become … well, … “further complicating” mebbe?

      • Thanks JK, I just cut out plastic canvas to make another one of my needlepoint tissue box covers.

        I won’t take prednisone long-term, it will kill me with my diabetes. The 12 day run, took 4 days before tapering down today. I’ll be glad when my blood sugar doesn’t spike over 300, as it’s been doing a few times. It comes back down though. My doctor said if it goes over 300 and stays there, to call, and he’ll get me insulin. Taking metformin, glimepiride and januvia as it is… My next A1C should be interesting…

  2. JK

    A promised diversion.

    Interesting hmmm?

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