Good intentions time again


Fire crackers!  Don’t know how I could live in GA over 20 years and never have tried fire crackers.  My son brought some home at Christmas, which his friend made, so I looked on Pinterest for a recipe.  Super simple really, but I will be changing to canola oil, instead of the olive oil next time and I will cut the red pepper flakes down to about a third or less than the recipe calls for.  These are way too hot for me to handle.  Here’s the recipe I followed.

Happy New Year!

The end of one year and beginning of another always involves being bombarded with a media glut of retrospection on the year that was.  It also leaves us buried under piles of advice on making New Year’s resolutions, keeping them and all sorts of advice on how to transform our lives.

Last year at this time I decided that I wanted to take my blog in a direction away from politics, hopefully moving toward topics that were more meaningful to me (and hopefully to some who read my blog).  America’s “greatest” reality TV show eclipsed my good intentions and I found myself, more often than not, writing about America’s reality TV presidency and our endless mass media information war, that still burns hot.

In my own daily life none of that political drama has affected me in any noticeable ways.  In fact, few political events, except for very dramatic ones, things like war or the complete collapse of our government, would really create mass chaos in American daily life, I suspect.  We are blessed to live in a stable republic, with a private economy that chugs along, through good times and bad.  Most Americans, even those living  in the lower-income brackets, live with more material goods than even the wealthiest Americans had when our country was founded.

This year, I intend to stick to my New Year’s blog resolution and move away from the domestic political sideshow more often.

Wishing all a very Happy New Year!


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