Bursting into a full bloom summer scandal

After hearing about Russian collusion, breathlessly reported by Democrats and the media since last year, I had  pretty much written it off as mostly wishful thinking or feverish dreams by Trump’s ever-growing throng of opposition – until Don Jr.s meeting with the Russian lawyer came to light.  In over a week of that story budding, then bursting into full bloom, the story moved from a closed up bud of a few people met with Don Jr and Kushner in June 2016 and it was a nothingburger meeting, no collusion,  the Russian lawyer wasted their time talking about Russian adoption and the Magnitsky Act, to full bloom scandal.   More petals unfurled, with flaming colorful tidbits, like an allegation that Don Jr. and Kushner were handed information, purportedly dirt on Clinton from the Russian government.

The interesting tipping point, if it comes, will be when big name Trump supporters jump from the Trump ship, which is taking on quite a bit of water in the past few weeks.  I referred to them as 5th Avenue Loyalists and perhaps they will cling to him until the bitter end.   Then again, sleazy politicians, like Newt, will assuredly abandon ship and become a pious Trump critic rather than go down with the ship.

Don Jr.’s own words moved the perception of the Russian collusion story from overheated Dem wet dreams to a serious matter worthy of full investigation.  Don Jr.’s explanation of that meeting clearly states that Don Jr. and Jared Kushner walked into a meeting intending to initiate Russian collusion.

The thing I’m watching for is the “what nows” if President Trump fires Robert Mueller.  I still believe my November 2016 prediction, that we are headed toward a constitutional crisis with either Trump or Hillary.  I’m sticking to that prediction.

Today, Bloomberg is reporting that Mueller’s investigation is expanding:

Mueller Expands Probe to Trump Business Transactions

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