More old paper crafts

Ta da, my first “junk journal” made with all “junk” I had in my sewing room and around the house.  The book, approx. 6″ X 6″.  is constructed with a cereal box, covered with brown paper.  I used the 5-hole pamphlet stitch to stitch in the signature (pages).

I’ve been doing some simple altered composition books for the granddaughters using old calendar pictures and clearance washi tape (a decorative Japanese-type masking tape) I bought at Walmart years ago.  Minnie was my sewing room 2015 calendar.  Throughout these, I’m gluing some small pictures and interesting facts from a couple Goodwill, 39 cent children’s books – an almanac and a Rosie O’Donnell kids’ joke book.  I made a pocket inside the front covers, where I’m putting several pages of word find, crossword and sudoku puzzles too.

Old greeting cards turned into little notepads, using the 3-hole pamphlet stitch and kitchen twine.  They are filled with odds and ends of old scrapbook and notebook paper.  Some, I added a pocket in either the front or back to hold small pieces of paper or notes.  I made about 20 of these a week or so ago, but gave most of them away already.  I’ve got more old cards sitting here to make more of these, but I am altering the construction to reinforce them along the fold.  I’ve had the top left one in my purse for over a week and had to tape along the fold, because it wasn’t holding up.  I might run tape along the fold or glue cardstock to the inside of the cards.  Another idea is to mod podge the cards to make them more durable covers.

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