“Assault” on our institutions

Former DNI, James Clapper, a liar under oath, was on TV lamenting about the “assault” on our institutions with the Russian trying to interfere in our election and Trump’s attacks on the intelligence community.

The media is stuck on moral preening about the “dangers” Trump poses to our republic daily, but here’s the one truth the media and Dems completely ignore:

The Dems colluded with the mainstream media to the tune of millions of dollars in free media to aid and abet Trump’s  “GOP Insurgency”. Without their CORRUPT collusion, it is very unlikely Trump could have gained traction and been taken seriously as a presidential candidate.  The media SOLD Trump to the American people as a viable candidate and they also sat on negative Trump stories until Trump’s GOP insurgency had succeeded.

The Russians ability to engage in cyber attacks is a direct result of the Obama administration (of which Clapper played a vital role) failure to act aggressively against escalating Russian cyber attacks and influence operations.

All the moral preening, from those who were a part of the Obama intelligence failures and corrupt Dem mass media spin operations (EVERY Democrat in Congress included) is deflection.

The GOP failed to defend its own party from a “GOP insurgency” waged by a loudmouth, Reality TV host.

And the American people have no respect of “our institutions” or they would not have settled for two completely corrupt candidates.

Our institutions were under assault long before Trump, otherwise a scorched earth information war between two extremely corrupt candidates, like Trump and Hillary, would not have been tolerated by the American people.

The Russians took advantage of  the weaknesses in “our institutions”.  Clapper should be held to account for his large role in the security failures, but the political class, the media and most of all the American people will have to wake-up and face their culpability too.

Blaming the Russians for attacking our institutions won’t save America.

Only a united America can do that.

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