A Comey Retrospective

The pundits and DC media zoomed into overdrive on divining the “real” reasons President Trump fired FBI director, James Comey yesterday.  I still don’t have a working theory of what motivated President Trump or if the reasons the administration cited are the real reasons.

I do know that James Comey, at critical points in the Hillary Clinton campaign, went public and did damage control for her with her home-brew email server scandal.  As of his time testifying to Congress the other day, he was still selling the “intent” line about why Huma Abedin broke no laws.  There is no “intent” provision is the law pertaining to handling of classified information.  If you mishandle it for any reason, that is a crime.

When Comey reopened the investigation, days before the 2016 election, he did so under pressure from FBI officials, who brought serious information to him.  However, as quickly as possible and as the leaks were mounting on numerous more investigations, ongoing in several states, into the Clinton Foundation corruption, Comey went public and buried the investigation AGAIN.   Once again, it was Comey with “nothing to see here”.  The media buried mentioning any of those ongoing criminal investigations and assuredly they weren’t investigating them.

I’m going to repost a few old LB posts from last year.  There was something hokey about Hillary’s FBI interview on the Saturday of a 4th of July weekend, when hardly anyone was around.  There was one lawyer’s name redacted in those FBI Notes, which were released in September 2016.  It made no sense.

There are a lot of things about how Comey did damage control for Hillary Clinton, that make no sense.  I believe he was rolled by the Clinton or Obama political machines, or maybe, BOTH.

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