Just a few photos

Worked a little in my front flower bed.  My bird bath is supposed to be the home to a fairy house, but I haven’t made one yet, so it’s just flowers again.  This year I’m trying a bed of drainage rocks and planting the flowers in a coco basket liner, rather than planting them directly into the bird bath.   A lot of rain water collects in the bottom of the bird bath and I have to tip it to drain water all the time, so now I can easily remove the flowers and tip it.  Considered drilling drainage holes in the bottom of the bird bath.  I know how to use a drill and we have masonry bits, but not sure if this would require a hammer drill.  So, I don’t want to crack my bird bath trying to drill with the regular drill and I don’t want to buy a hammer drill for what is basically flower pot drainage.  Opted for trying the drainage rocks, which were under $4 for a bag.  I can use the rest of this bag of drainage rocks in the bottom of flower pots, because I put a layer of rocks or broken up pieces of old clay flower pots in the bottom of my flower pots for drainage.


Finished… better than the previous efforts, but still need more practice.


Went simple with the crazy birds finish.  Probably after finishing another dozen small cross-stitch projects, mine will look much better.  That’s how I learn everything – lots of practice.  And geesh, my youngest daughter explained how to turn the flash on with the camera on my cell phone and that sure improved my photos too, lol.

Comey was fired… no comment yet.

My blog will be back to politics in the next post.

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