Dem. playbook fails bigly

Quick recap of Monday’s Reality TV Presidency Show:

Today started with Dems trying to get some bill introduced to stop Trump’s EO.

Then Congressional Dems marched to protest in front of Supreme Court.

They had acting AG Yates make her defiant stand against Trump’s EO.

Trump fired Yates in prime time.

He immediately got another acting AG sworn in.

He put someone else in charge of ICE too.

A couple hours ago, Schumer & Pelosi were speaking to an empty chamber still railing against Trump.

You’d think Dems would learn that their usual playbook isn’t working:

Now, Maxine Waters is tweeting: “I’m leading my colleagues in a press conference tomorrow at 8:30 am (ET). We are taking on @POTUS ties to Russia! We have a bill #resist”

Sooo, they’re back to Russian Influence…

Send in the clowns…

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