Those “renegade FBI agents”

Inquiring minds want to know?

  1. HAS Hillary’s security clearance finally been revoked?  In light of the “extremely careless”  handling of sensitive national security information, where it was reported that even Hillary’s Filipino maid, Marina, was reportedly printing out classified documents and accessing the SCIF in Hillary’s DC home, while having NO security clearance, you’d think her clearance would have already been revoked.  Her repeated “extremely careless” handling of classified information clearly shows she is untrustworthy!
  2. Where is the thumb drive of the emails on Hillary’s server?  Back in 2015, several news agencies reported that Hillary’s lawyer, David Kendall, had made a thumb drive of the emails on her server.  Who has the thumb drive?
  3. Where are the missing Hillary Clinton/David Petraeus emails?  Hillary Clinton and David Petraeus have the same lawyer, David Kendall, who is extraordinarily adept at making emails under subpoena disappear, imo.  So, most of the mainstream (liberal) media didn’t wanted to cover the Hillary Clinton emails due to the presidential election and preferred to ignore any and all information that emerged.   Most of them were happy to sell the “extremely careless, but not criminal” spin and ignore the facts.  Many of the FACTS are quite disturbing.

October 22, 2016, FOX News reported:

“”CENTCOM records shows approximately 1,000 work-related emails between Clinton’s personal email and General David PETRAEUS, former Commander of CENTCOM and former Director of the CIA,” said the employee, whose name is redacted, according to the summary. “Most of those 1,000 emails were not believed to be included in the 30,000 emails that IPS was reviewing. Out of the 30,000 emails, IPS only had a few emails from or related to PETRAEUS as well as a few related to Leon PANETTA, former Secretary of Defense.””


As previously reported by Fox News, there are still two missing “bankers boxes” of emails that cannot be accounted for by Hillary Clinton’s legal team Williams & Connolly.

Clinton later maintained during congressional testimony that her team read every email, but FBI Director James Comey later said that was not true and only broad search terms were used.

In addition, new emails obtained through an ongoing federal lawsuit by Judicial Watch show that on Jan. 10, 2009, Clinton told Petraeus — who was then CENTCOM commander — to use her personal address on a BlackBerry account. “If there is ever anything you need or want me to know, pls use this personal email address. All the best, Hillary,” she wrote.

One of the most intriguing and highly redacted documents released by the FBI is a witness interview with a CIA agent on June 10, 2016. The names of the FBI agents and the CIA agent and attorney are all redacted, but it is clear they were reviewing “Top Secret” emails too damaging to national security to release under any circumstances.

According to page 66, “After reviewing the email, [redacted] exclaimed [redacted] is an idiot. [redacted] further explained he believed the email was problematic.” The CIA was apparently referring to the writer of the email, adding “[redacted] expressed his opinion that DoS was not very careful.

Fox News estimates at least 95 percent of the CIA agent’s three-page interview was blacked out. “[redacted] did not have any direct knowledge of DoS officials using unclassified or ‘barely classified’ channels [redacted] but he suspected it,” the document says.  The CIA statement concluded as follows: “[redacted] expressed his opinion that DoS (Department of State) was not very careful [redacted].”

The CIA used the B(1) FOIA redaction 20 times. According to Freedom of Information Act exemptions, these redactions can include information about national defense, foreign policy, U.S. national security, transnational terrorism and sources or methods, or cryptology.   

B(3) was used 25 times. This FOIA category redaction category prevents disclosure by statute which includes information about arms export control, immigration and Iran.

B(7) was cited for redactions three times. This FOIA category includes protected information about investigation techniques and personal privacy.

It is of note that this CIA agent was interviewed on June 10, just three weeks before Comey held his controversial press conference declaring that Clinton was not criminal but “extremely careless” in her handling of classified materials which included SAP content known as Special Access Programs or ‘above top secret.’”

The American liberal media is a national disgrace!  They happily sell spin for the Left and Democratic politicians and aid and abet in cover-ups.  As soon as the Dem. mouthpieces like Nancy Pelosi and Congressman Cummings gave the new spin “renegade FBI agents”, the media ran with it.

Well, it sure looks to me like those “renegade FBI agents” might be the last bastion of hope for protecting The Constitution from WHOLESALE PUBLIC CORRUPTION.

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