Repeating Abedin Facts

Malcolm Pollack posted a piece on his blog, One Week Out,  about the Clintonworld corruption and Hillary’s qualifications, that is worth reading.  I got carried away writing my comment there, but since I laid out the Abedin facts in a bullet point fashion, figured I might as well repeat all this again.  Running a fever today, terrible sinus problem and out of energy to come up with another post – so be warned, this is just a repeat of information:

The liberal media is busily trying to backburner the Huma Abedin email hoarding story and change the subject to Trump/Russian connections, FBI unfair double standard (Hillary victim meme), and anything bad they can throw out about Trump.

Being a #NeverTrump and #NeverHillary, I find both of them threats to our republic, albeit in different ways. This new tiny sliver of information, tens of thousands of email/approx. 650,000 emails/on unsecured laptop, sent chills down my spine.

The FBI hasn’t given us details, but the FBI office in NY has been analyzing the metadata from the reported approximately 650,000 emails they found on this Weiner/Abedin family laptop.

What we already know is Abedin lied repeatedly to the FBI during her interview.

The media, Trump, political pundits, and politicians get sucked into these soap opera optics on everything, rather than following the money and the fact patterns.  Abedin, like her boss, is an incessant liar (yes, Trump is a liar too, but for the moment I want to lay out some facts on Abedin).

* Abedin told FBI she had no knowledge of the Clinton server until it broke in the news last year. Justin Cooper told FBI that Abedin recommended Bryan Pagliano, the Hillary campaign IT guy, to set-up the new server to replace Bill Clinton’s original Apple server, which Cooper had set-up. Pagliano also told FBI that Abedin put him in touch with Cooper.

*Abedin is only aide with a clintonemail address on the Clinton server.  In fact, the only other email accounts on that server belong to Bill & Hillary Clinton (per FBI Notes).  Malcolm would know more details, but from pedestrian reading, email accounts can allow an avenue into a computer system for hackers (or hostile foreign intelligence).

* We also know she and her family have close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and in a sane world, under rational security protocols, she would never have passed a security background check.  We are at war with radical Islamists and MB funds radical Islamists – it is that cut and dried. Abedin told FBI she was given a top secret clearance, but told FBI she did not remember ever being read into SAP clearance.  The Clintons (and probably Obama too) waived security background checks often in the 90s to allow their cronies to work in the administration.  These cronies were people who would not pass a formal security background check, meaning they were SECURITY RISKS.  The FBI should find out if Abedin ever underwent a security background check or if Hillary pulled strings and had that requirement waived.

*Justin Cooper, Bill Clinton’s aide, told the FBI that Abedin controlled the operations of the SCIF in the Chappaqua house, which means she had access to all of classified information coming to that SCIF.

*Abedin told the FBI she turned over all her electronic devices used in her work at the State Department and all of the emails in her possession.  This laptop proves that was a lie.  Those emails got to the laptop, because she either set-up backing up her email to that laptop or she manually sent them to that laptop.  Those emails were not magically teleported to that laptop.

*The FBI showed Huma Abedin an email that used a pseudonym, which belonged to President Obama.  Abedin asked how that could not be classified and then asked if she could have copy ( really she did – FBI Notes – page 93). She wanted a copy of an email, between President Obama and Hillary, which she believed should be classified???  Guess she just wanted to add to her home hoard of sensitive American information… or wanted to add it, as a rider, to her insurance policy

So the poor, innocent Huma act is getting old.  She was hoarding State Department information on an unsecured laptop, which she shared with Weiner, who has a sexting habit, had his social media accounts hacked and probably was accessing a lot porn sites, prone to hacking too.  Every bit of information she was hoarding could have been hacked or the metadata might indicate some strange forwarding addressees, which alone could ignite major national security red flags among experienced FBI investigators.

Malcolm hit on the whole cesspool that is the Clintonworld – the corrupt media collusion, the corrupt pay-to-play deals, the corrupt flouting of responsible handling of national security information, but with Abedon’s email stash, this might be pointing to ESPIONAGE and if that turns out to be true, Trump might end up being right there too – she has terrible judgment and she should be locked up.  I am all for letting the FBI investigate without interference, because this is about more than “Trump or Hillary” or this election.  There are Americans in harm’s way whose very lives may have been put in jeopardy because of this woman’s unchecked hubris.

Abedin’s FBI Notes are at the following link, beginning on page 84:


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