Questions about Huma

Question about Huma Abedin’s emails:

  1.  Abedin told FBI she had DoS email, clintonemail, Yahoo account and account from Weiner’s campaign – which of these accounts are stored on laptop?
  2. How many emails did she have stored on this laptop?
  3. Who all had access to this laptop?
  4. Do any of these emails contain classified information?
  5. Did she share/forward any of these emails with anyone else?
  6. Was laptop ever hacked?
  7. Did she store only her emails on this laptop or are any of these emails Hillary Clinton’s emails?  (she asked FBI for copy of email between Hillary and Obama).

to be continued…


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2 responses to “Questions about Huma

  1. lolly52

    I agree – especially number 4

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