Who to blame?

Trump decided to go full-throttle, scorched earth, to counter the Clinton/mainstream media scorched earth being waged against him.  As I’ve stated many times, the problem Trump faces waging scorched earth remains, that Trump wades into the sewer himself and personally throws all the crap, regardless of the veracity of the smears.  This makes him look like a LOOSE CANNON.   He feeds the Clinton meme.

The Clintons have cadres of loyal spinners and mouthpieces, who dump all the dirt for them.  That way, Hillary can prance out there like the Queen and act like she’s above the fray and the serious candidate.  She gets to “act” presidential, even though she has launched the same, down-in-the-sewer campaign as Trump.  This is how catty women operate naturally – manipulate other people, get other people to do their dirty work and play mind games.  Hillary is just as unhinged as Trump (probably more so, imo).  I keep telling my family that she just hides “her crazy” much better than Trump.  The Clinton/Democratic Party machines are organized criminal enterprises – nothing noble there, that’s for sure.

So, when Republicans want to figure out who to blame for the Trump national embarrassment, it’s not only the Clinton machine,  who orchestrated the “GOP Insurgency”, at fault, it’s the Republican leadership who refused to do anything to stop Trump, even though they were well aware he was a fraud, con man, liar, liberal Democrat.  They did nothing to vet him, so these leaked tax returns go to the RNC failure to properly vet their presidential candidate.  If you refuse to defend your party from a hostile takeover, you deserve what you get.

This 2016 Election Nightmare sank to a voracious media feeding frenzy in recent days – about old sex scandals, a Latin beauty queen/narco kingpin mistress, fat-shaming, billion dollar tax write-off from the “great” businessman’s losses, Trump mocking Hillary’s health crisis and  gleeful anticipation of more Russian active measures to interfere in our election.

Trump’s conservative followers really need to think about why they have decided to become amoral moral relativists.

The problem with supporting Trump, as the only thing to stop corrupt Hillary, all along, has been you need to keep moving further and further making excuses for Trump’s corruption.  You have to sell your soul.

Hillary is thoroughly corrupt.  Trump is thoroughly corrupt.  Supporting thoroughly corrupt people corrupts YOU – that’s the TRUTH.  Corrupt people always try to drag their families, friends, and supporters into more corruption, that’s just how it works in life and that’s how it works in politics too.

It’s tough to stand on principle – many people will end up hating you, calling you an idealistic fool, or berating you, but just because everyone else goes along with something or SOMEONE who is corrupt, you should always think for yourself and do the right thing.

Being an American isn’t just about individual liberty, it’s about your duties as a citizen and that means fidelity to The Constitution.  People telling you there are no other choices, to push you, or to absolve themselves from guilt for supporting either of these crooks,  don’t understand the most important FREEDOM we have – the right to refuse to just get in line and shut-up.  If enough people refused to support these two thoroughly corrupt candidates, instead of saying we must choose one or the other, many other choices would appear.  Granted, in our constitutional republic, other choices, this late in the election, aren’t easy, but they aren’t impossible.

The most consequential issues in history weren’t decided by taking the easy road.

Americans are in for a huge reality check with either of these two thoroughly corrupt sociopaths as President.  Trump is a clueless dupe, who can be baited easily and is being played, not just by Hillary, but by Putin too.  Hillary is compromised to the point, where she can easily be blackmailed by hostile foreign countries, who are sitting on all of her emails.

The only winner in November, with either of these two, will be America’s enemies!


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