“Time to move on”…. again

FBI Director, James Comey, caved to Clinton/Obama pressure to bury Hillary’s email server scandal and now he’s stuck trying to salvage his reputation and at the same time trying to avoid questions about his decision.  He is now part of the Clinton, “Time to move on” choir and will do whatever it takes to bury this email server scandal.  The Hill reports:

“Republicans on the House Oversight Committee asked officials from the FBI and three other agencies for a classified briefing on Wednesday regarding redactions in the report on Hillary Clinton’s email server — but were denied.

In response to the refusal, the committee has now scheduled a hearing for Monday morning at which the same four agencies — the FBI, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Justice and State departments — will be asked to testify.”


The Clinton WALL of obstruction is stronger and higher than any wall Donald Trump could ever dream of building.


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