Back to the Powell excuse again

The Clinton spin continues apace – blaming Colin Powell again.  Rep Elijah Cummings released a Powell email acquired from the State Department, according to a Politico report.  So, once again Cummings is going to carry more water for the Clintons and try to use Powell as the scapegoat, to deflect blame from Hillary Clinton.  Politico reports:

“This email exchange shows that Secretary Powell advised Secretary Clinton with a detailed blueprint on how to skirt security rules and bypass requirements to preserve federal records, although Secretary Clinton has made clear that she did not rely on this advice,” Cummings said in a statement. “This email exchange also illustrates the longstanding problem that no Secretary of State ever used an official unclassified email account until the current Secretary of State. The Republican obsession with Secretary Clinton has reached a fever pitch, and they have been using taxpayer resources to single her out in a desperate and abusive attempt to hurt her presidential campaign.”

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The Clintons will stop at nothing to strong-arm their way back into the White House.  The problem for Cummings is Hillary had THOUSANDS of classified documents on, not only a private email account, she had them on her unsecured home-brew server and her aides, the recipients or senders of these classified emails, also have these classified emails on whatever email system they were using.  She had them on 13 mobile devices, which she never turned over to the FBI and she had them on 5 ipads, which only 3 were turned over to the FBI.

And the entire time she was using all these devices, heck in the FBI notes one aide to Bill Clinton mentioned that he often say Hillary using a flip phone to talk on and using a blackberry in her hands – so much for the only wanted to use one device for convenience LIE….

Clinton had over 904 emails recovered by the FBI from her gmail account according to these FBI Notes. 56 of those were classified .  Those emails were NOT included in the emails her attorneys returned to the State Department AND not on her home-brew server.  The FBI uncovered those emails in their investigations.

Cummings is once again trying to deflect and deceive, in his usual rabid partisan fashion.

I am sure he and his fellow Democrats already have their brain-dead talking points prepared and distributed, ready for tomorrow’s congressional hearing.

They will relentlessly repeat these talking points and refuse to even listen to, or consider, any evidence or testimony that reflects negatively on Hillary.   The goal is repeat these talking points continuously , so that these talking points are what is remembered and also repeated by the liberal media.  It’s the same old vile mass media saturation brainwashing technique they rely on.

Their friends in the liberal media will aid and abet them in every way they can – repeating their talking points and repeating the claim that it’s another “vast, right-wing witch hunt” to hurt Hillary.

SHE is the one who decided to use this UNSECURED  server and she is the one who allowed classified information to be relayed on her email system.  No Republicans made her do this.

She is UNFIT to ever be trusted with sensitive information.

Retired general Michael Hayden, in the Washington Times, writes:

Mrs. Clinton’s defense — that many of the discussed strikes never occurred — is also stunning. It’s not quite as bad as saying that it would have been OK for Marshall and Eisenhower in early 1944 to debate over an open line whether to land in Europe at Normandy or Pas de Calais because, after all, we ultimately didn’t land at Pas de Calais. Not quite as bad, but still hard to fathom. Uncertain and unclassified are two different things.

I signed a letter last month with 49 other officials who have served in Republican administrations. We all said Donald Trump was unfit for the presidency. He still is. But many of us also insisted in the letter that this not be read as an endorsement of Mrs. Clinton.

Recently in this space I said that even though I could not vote for him, I would not vote for her. That still holds. In fact, the revelations of the past week make that latter position even more certain.”

I agree with him completely.

Update: 9/8/16, The House Oversight Committee is meeting, as I type.  I’ve learned that the Democrats on this committee requested this Powell email FIVE days ago and the State Department could cough it up.  Numerous email requests, from Republicans on more than one House committee, have NOT been responded to in YEARS.  The State Department officials, especially Undersecretary for Management, Patrick Kennedy’s answers,  rank as nothing short of parsing bullshit and massive obfuscations.


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3 responses to “Back to the Powell excuse again

  1. JK

    I suppose we find ourselves in one of those periods where the description, “in deep doo doo” is appropriate?

    • Even very deep doo doo. The second string is as clueless as the first. That dodo bird, Gary Johnson, must have inhaled a few times too many – he didn’t didn’t even recognize “Aleppo” in a question. And the commie lady, went to the wrong city for a campaign event, the other day…

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