While America watches the 2016 Reality TV Show….

Iran vessels make ‘high speed intercept’ of U.S. ship: U.S. official

America is completely distracted by this endless Presidential Reality TV Show.

The thing I’m most concerned about in this election is how far hostile foreign countries have infiltrated America’s government and political process. That is how I started watching the media coverage and the Clinton spin machine so closely since 1992.  So, while I believe Trump is a con man and Hillary a crook, it’s the people surrounding them that I am more concerned about.

I’m watching how Trump has surrounded himself with shady people who have close ties to Russia and now Bannon, a man who has been reported to revere Lenin. Trump is corrupt and can easily be bought and manipulated.

For decades I’ve been watching the Clinton sewer rats and their SPIN, which looks like sophisticated information warfare, in the old KGB-style. And there were all the Chinese, Arab, and other money ties, plus Huma, a MB agent, firmly attached to Hillary’s side. The Clintons were easy marks for foreign infiltrators – they were corrupt and could be bought and easily blackmailed all along.

Then there’s the media itself – FOX (foreign-owned) has been a bizarre festival of Trumpmania, where the pundits and coverage was so obviously biased toward Trump and FOX has not pivoted to running the Clinton scorched earth. Drudge smells like a foreign front operation – mainstreaming InfoWars, Breitbart and other bizarre sites and Trump trying to mainstream the National Enquirer (another likely paper with foreign infiltration, imo). CNN and MSNBC going all in for Trump’s GOP Insurgency was bizarre (American liberals own those). Tracking the timelines of events with how the liberal media got the fascist meme thing to resonate was a messaging marvel. I believe that entire thing was deliberately set-up by Clinton and Soros operatives.

And beyond all the presidential politics, I’ve been watching the complete, deliberate dismantling of the US military by Obama – he even wants to screw with our nuclear arsenal before he leaves office. The Russians and Chinese have been escalating military aggression against US ships and aircraft operating in international waters. There was another report Tuesday of an Iranian move against an American ship. Obama sits on his hands. MB types now are overseeing our military’s training to fight Islamic terrorists. Obama has a cabinet filled with people who have long histories of radical, anti-American views and who spend their days busily dismantling the American military and writing “narratives” (LIES) to sell the American people.

I keep wondering what military moves Putin might try between now and November – this is his perfect opportunity. America is caught up in an endless Presidential Reality TV show, the Republican Party entrenched in in-fighting, Hillary entrenched in doing damage control as Wikileaks prepares to unload (Wikileaks is believed to be a Russian front by many serious US intelligence experts), and Obama is golfing. That’s my main concern – as we sit here distracted and unaware of the outside world.

America’s enemies are moving.

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