A Smell the Leather Moment

This is one of those “smell the leather” moments.  In the early 80s, my husband and I had our oldest daughter’s baby pictures taken at a portrait studio. We were sitting there looking over the proofs and the salesman was trying to work in those tie-in sales, like a lovely photo album.

Being young and trusting, the salesman, seeing an easy mark, held the photo album up and said to me, “It’s real leather, here smell it.”  My husband sat there stone-faced and the salesman, addressed every sales pitch at me, while nervously glancing at my husband occasionally.

I obediently complied, but my husband had had enough and he told the salesman, we just wanted the portrait package I had picked out. In the car, my husband kept saying, “It’s real leather, smell it” and giving me this look of pity.

Of course, I thought my husband was overreacting, but as I thought over the incident later, I realized that salesman had figured out that I was the easy mark and that’s why he focused his efforts on me and not on my husband.

I became a tougher judge of obvious cons after that, but you can never live down stuff like that, so he still mentions that occasionally, when my bleeding-heart tendencies obstruct cold, hard reality

We are now approaching Trump’s “smell the leather” moment, where even most of his most ardent followers are going to realize they’ve been conned by the “great” Trump.

Trump met with Hispanic leaders yesterday, Univision reports:

“Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump plans to present an immigration plan in Colorado Thursday that will include finding a way to legalize millions of undocumented immigrants, according to three people who attended a meeting between the candidate and Hispanic leaders on Saturday at Trump Tower in New York.”


Can’t wait to see what Trump announces Thursday.

Last night Trump had a rally in Fredricksburg, VA and played to his base (at 34:33 in the above video) and cheered, “Build That Wall” along with the crowd.

Imploding soon…. either the hordes revolt at being played or they remain 5th Avenue Loyalists and follow Trump over the cliff….

It’s still a slow motion train wreck, but no one can look away.


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