Hillary scored a win today

Hillary Clinton delivered her first general election foreign policy speech today and if even a tiny fraction of her claims about her foreign policy record were the truth, she’d be a truly dynamic candidate.  Her speech was very good and she delivered it quite expertly.  She made the contrast between her and Donald Trump crystal clear and he reacted in his usual juvenile twitter tantrum default mode.  Of course, Hillary and her staff, who wrote that speech, knew Trump would lash out, that’s why the attacks on him were written to jab him so hard.

When it comes to manipulation, Hillary wins hands down against Trump.  She played him expertly.  Now, with her email server scandal still hanging over her head and her real foreign policy disastrous record ripe for a rehash, there’s still plenty many more episodes left in this 2016 battle for the presidency.  Today, Hillary scored several points against Trump and he looked like a whining loser.


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