Another hobby in progress for me – Zentangle.  As you can see by my first two attempts, I lack any artistic or drawing ability and learning to master this structured form of doodling is going to be a challenge.  According to the creators of  Zentangle, this technique can be mastered by almost anyone, as it uses repeated patterns, that while looking complex, are created by very simple sequences of repeated pen strokes.  This is supposed to be relaxing, but for someone with extreme OCD perfectionist tendencies, I’ll admit it made me tense, because I like following step-by-step directions when I learn new crafts.  Aside from learning how to draw specific patterns, which you can use, the paper is a blank canvas for you to decide how to break up into sections, what patterns to fill it with, and when to stop.  Lacking aesthetic sensibilities and pen control, left me thinking, “oh crap, none of this looks right!”  So, I am posting my sad first attempts and hoping that with practice I improve and in a month or so, I promise to post more of my efforts and then we can see if the creators of  Zentangle claim that “almost anyone” can master this method is true……  of course, I might be their rare exception included in that “almost” anyone claim 😉

Minta is a real artist with great talent, so I am sure she could produce beautiful Zentangle art with little effort.  You should try it Minta.

On the politics front, well, Trump really has mastered scorched earth and the Clintons probably wish they were dealing with a Jeb or Rubio, right about now.   Trump pulled out his staged media attack format the other day when he defended himself about his January veterans’ fundraiser.  The press raised legitimate questions about Trump’s claims about raising 6 million dollars and then his campaign staff gave conflicting answers as to the exact dollar amount, whether all the money had been distributed to veterans’ groups, whether Trump had actually donated the million dollars he pledged back in January and then the overall handling of funds distribution.

Trump had NOT donated the million dollars until the press started raising questions last week.  His campaign staff should not have been involved in speaking for the Trump Foundation, a charity, that should be run completely divorced from the political campaign and the controversy arose not because of the press, but because the Trump campaign gave so many conflicting accounts on the veterans’  fundraiser.

Trump pulled out the same staged production as when he came out and defended his failed business ventures, claiming that none of them were failures – he tossed out the Trump magazine, had Trump steaks and wine on hand, while ruthlessly deflecting questions and attacking the press.  It worked like a charm.  He used this same staged attack on the press to deflect questions about how his charity handled his vet fundraiser and on an optics level, he won hands down.  On the “facts” and the “truth”, every word he uttered should be double-checked – HE LIES A LOT.  In fact, he lies as much as Hillary and that takes some doing.

Trump is a master of Alinsky tactics and I guess that comes naturally to bullies, because it’s a sneaky, conniving, corrupt way of getting your own way and MANIPULATING people.  That the truth – Trump and Hillary are both world-class bullies, who will do or say anything “to win”.

The debate among conservatives and Trump supporters rages on at sites like National Review and I posted the comment below and yes, I realize my views are antiquated, but here’s where I still stand on Trump and Hillary.

“Dollar signs do not denote character. A poor man can be a more morally upright American citizen, than this puffed up, pampered prince of New York, “The Donald” or for that matter, above the law/smartest woman in the world, “Queen Hillary”. Frankly, these two spew endless miles of lies and half-baked policies. Neither has a respect for The Constitution and hence, no matter how rich or how many “titles” they’ve racked up, both of them are UNFIT to lead our great nation.”

Back to Zentangling….  Oops, doing more reading on  Zentangle and the correct terminology is “tangling”, not “Zentangling”… and this is supposed to be stress-free, but it’s got a page of terminology to learn too:-(



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