Things are not as they seem (with this wide GOP field, Trump or Hillary)

Posted a comment on Andrew McCarthy’s article,  “Hillary’s E-mail Recklessness Compromised Our National Security” at National Review.

susanholly Sunday, February 7, 2016 2:19 PM

Mr. McCarthy, I believe that there’s much more afoot than just Clinton corruption on an epic scale or just her email server. Throughout the Cold War, America’s most ruthless enemies pursued aggressive infiltration efforts to destroy us from within. Once the Soviet Union collapsed, we walked away from aggressive counter-measures, choosing to buy into all that “end of history” nonsense in the 90s. The Carville/Begala mass media manipulation is a foreign infiltration program, I believe. Now, we have Sunni/MB infiltration in Hillary’s inner-circle, Iranian infiltration in the White House and Chinese infiltration throughout our government, business and especially in our cyber-activities – all of the social media and realityTV, and talk shows to teach Americans to betray their families on national TV were part of the effort. I feel certain that with the effort to expose the Clinton plot to sabotage the GOP primary, via the Trump effort (with Clinton political operatives working behind the scenes there), much more will come to light that will shock Americans. I believe our government, all the way to the top, all of our mass media (cable networks, to include FOX), the partisan agitators (both left and right) and every institution has been carefully and systematically infiltrated,with people they put in place to foment agitprop, to fuel the partisan divide and to buy or put in place candidates, they control.

The Soviet efforts, focused on usurping both Christian themes (world Peace) and patriotic American themes,wrapping them in the American flag and The Constitution, targeted the political right, making them harder to detect. These programs have run unabated for decades. There are church groups in America that were infiltrated, not just the Catholic church in Central and South America. The Chinese efforts focused on buying up large American companies to use as fronts, buying politicians (Clinton Chinese money ring any bells) and now cyber warfare. The Chinese now own our debt. The left was easier and they’ve succeeded there, the right now sits poised to fall too, because things are not as they seem with this wide GOP field – it’s all kabuki theater, not just Trump. That is my prediction. Screenshot this fast, because I expect this comment to be removed quickly.

My nickname on those old Excite message boards was mhere – a pun of sorts, being an old Cold Warrior myself. Kind of amazing is back then I felt like the last Cold Warrior and here we are infiltrated all the way to the top.…

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