Imminent Danger Will Robinson

Update:  The link: , which I mentioned in, More alarming tidbits, seems to have been removed from that blog and I checked the The Last Refuge blog, alternately known as Trump Polling Update Central, and can’t find it there either.  The revision of “history” blitz will begin shortly, where the term “virtual reality” takes on more ominous meaning – time to start screenshoting everything.   Of course, the link may reappear shortly to make me look like a nut or liar, but as of 10:39 am EST it is gone.  I urge all of you to do the same.  There’s a much larger plot afoot in America, that goes well beyond Hillary and Bill’s desperate actions, to use any means necessary, to seize the White House.  Ruthless and determined, foreign enemies have worked their way through every corner of American society and power, through decades of concerted and relentless infiltration operations and they are ready to move.

Call this wild conspiracy theory if you choose, but when you see the agitprop moves rapidly progressing  from the lame White House “narratives” to full scale mass media manipulation of our news, on a scale you never imagined, just remember that I warned you first.  On both the political left and right – groups, pundits, websites and entire news networks have been set up to play you, the American people, as mindless idiots.  YUGE foreign fronts are in place to deceive you and throw gasoline on the partisan divides, that they’ve worked for decades to put in place.  I am not alone, trust me, there are many Americans dedicated to protecting America from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, who  saw these threats years ago.  They are all law-abiding, loyal American patriots, not crazy militias and not fomenting any violence whatsoever, in fact, they intend to follow the rule of law, expose the TRUTH and make sure all of these enemies get rounded up as expeditiously as possible! That is our mission!

Update: The gateway pundit link is working at 10:27 am EST, 2/15/16 – I admit to a typing error in that link, but I had gone to the actual site that day and could not locate this story and also to The Last Refuge blog.  It’s very curious about the numbers game with these Trump rallies in the beginning and who he had organizing them, and the effort to fill these venues, plus who did the crowd estimates.  A lot of effort went into hyping his support and the YUGEly overestimated polls.  The Last Refuge blog, a site that made it’s name by dissecting the black grievance industry in America, and one that attracted a lot of overt racists and bigots, in my opinion, quickly became his online polling update center.  I visited that site often trying to understand crowdsourcing, as a possible means to use to expose my impeachment story.  Of course, the proof I need is held by the people who orchestrated the attack on me and not through crowdsourcing.  Over the years, I’ve explored trying to contact real journalists, I’ve relayed my story with names, dates and details to a few men with the connections within the Army to get at the facts, I explored politics chat rooms, comment sections on various online sites, facebook and finally I started this blog.  This blog was started at the urging of a friend, who told me that I have good ideas and should write my own blog.  A few weeks into the blog – an epiphany struck that perhaps this blog could serve as my force multiplier to tell my story.  Yes, I wrote my story in a rather tongue-in-cheek manner and used “cutesy names” (pseudonyms for my own protection), and in that annoying third person for a personal story, but hey, the truth is that third person gave me a little emotional distance, because I still wake up often with nightmares.  I just wanted to be honest and acknowledge an error on my part with the link above.

Life for me since ’99 is an effort at keeping fear at bay and trying to still live my life.  It’s a struggle not to become like Alex Jones and see a conspiracy behind every corner, but assuredly for that retired general to show up here and attack me, when the only outside activity I engaged in was that Excite message board on impeachment, left me no doubt there were other people who sent him (a conspiracy).  My husband was ready to retire from the Army and I was at home taking care of my family.  Someone sent that general and the attack used to try and silence me was not cheap. It’s a lot like the Elizabeth O’Bagy story – I stumbled upon some inconvenient facts there too and wrote about them on my blog and then posted my information at a popular blog, in their comments section.  During impeachment, I stumbled upon some foreign infiltration and wrote about it in those impeachment threads, making me wonder if thatwtich2016 and their political sideshow was only a much smaller part of  why I was attacked and a concerted effort was made to have me locked away permanently in a state mental hospital.  During those 18 days in that mental health facility,  I could bath, dress, talk coherently, take care of my own personal needs and still had time to listen to just about every other female patient in that mental health facility for 18 days – but they wanted me locked away permanently…

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